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May 17, 2009 by Bret  
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copsrobbers3 150x150 App Review: Cops & Robbers by GluCops & Robbers by Glu is an action packed obstacle game. You and your accomplice show up to your apartment just to find out that you have been kicked out until you can pay your rent. There is one problem.  You have no money and must steal money and diamonds to pay back your fat cat landlord. In each of the nine levels, there are a large amount of money, one diamond, and a par time to complete it in. To unlock the next level, you must either beat the game within the par time limit, collect all of the money, or steal the diamond.

There are two ways to control your thief; touch and tilt. In the tilt mode, you simply tilt back and forth to move and tap in the middle of the screen to jump. In the touch mode, you touch the sides to the screen to move and tap the center to jump. At the top of the screen in both control modes is a boost meter. To fill this meter, you must perform acrobatic tricks. Once there is juice in your meter, tap to boost your character’s speed for a limited time.

In each level, there is a forward view, in which the controls are basic. If you get too close to an object, you will fall and the cops will gain on you. If you fall into a hole, run into an old lady or cop, or let the cops get too close, you will get busted and will be taken back to the last checkpoint you passed. Your time, however, will not go back to what it was at the check point.  Instead, it will be added to your current time. If you climb up an alley way, the view will change to a side view. In this mode, you do not need to steer your character, but still must jump at the right time. The last view is a back view, the controls switch back to normal in this view. While you are running through the level, there will be a lit window. In this window is the diamond.  To get the diamond you will have to match the sequence on the paper to the prongs on the safe. To do this, tap the spring wait until it matches the picture.

While you are running, the cops chase after you. If you collect doughnuts, your player will have a huge speed increase. Collecting magnifying glasses gives you hints. If you run through hay or water, you will slow down. When the cops get closer, jail bars will appear on the sides on the screen as a warning. All you have to do is run a little faster and you’ll be okay. Other things to do include grinding on rails, swinging on bars, and rolling under pipes. After you complete a level, you can play as the cop and race against your thief’s best time. If you win, you will arrest the thieves and a new best time will be displayed for that level.

Cops & Robbers is an amazing game with great controls, smooth graphics, and plenty of replay value. It is definitely worth the money.

Cops & Robbers is available in the iTunes App Store for $2.99.

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