iGun by Crimson Moon Entertainment LLC

November 10, 2010 by Cole  
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iGun is,by far,one of my favorite apps in the app store.iGun is a simulated shooting app which includes 15+ weapons.It comes in two versions,iGun lite,which includes 18 guns and info,and iGun pro,which includes 4 more guns.
The app has many features,such as bullet speed,slo-mo,and the ability to have every gun on full auto.Some of the guns on iGun lite include the M4 carbine,the Glock 18,and the M249 SAW.The four extra guns included on iGun pro are the M1911,the Browning 1919,the M82A1,and the Roninco 98.
iGun also gives you the option to fire the weapons by twitching or moving your iPod touch or iPhone.The sensitivity can be lowered or raised for this option in the settings.Some of the guns are even fully interactive,which means you can load,bolt,and shoot the gun like you would if it were real.
However,there are some things I don’t like about the app.Even though their are 22 guns with iGun pro,I still don’t feel like that there is much variety on the app.After awhile,the app seems to get repetitive and boring.I also don’t like that you can’t add attatchments to the weapons such as silencers.The app would be alot better if you could controll the flash some of the weapons.
What I like about this app is that it’s mostly realistic,it’s has a bit of a wide variety of weapons for only $0.99 for pro,and that it preety fun.What I don’t like about the app is that it gets reptitive,there are not enough features,and that it seems more guns could be added.4.5 stars out of 5.

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