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March 14, 2009 by Jeff  
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photo 441 150x100 App Review: Fast and Furious: Pink SlipFast and furious: Pink Slip by i-Play is a great racing game.  The game begins with five menu options: quickplay, arcade, multiplayer, garage, and more games by the company.  The quickplay mode is simply a quick way to play a race. You automatically start with a car and off you go. In this game mode, there is no nitro. Without the nitro, the game is much harder and forces you to increase the skill of your play if you want to win.  The next mode is the arcade mode.  In this mode, there are four difficulty levels ranging from Rookie to Pro. Each of these difficulties must be unlocked by beating previous level.  The multiplayer game mode makes it possible to play against friends on your local Wi-Fi network. When you are racing on multiplayer mode, the winner of the race receives the other player’s car.  Your garage stores all of the cars you have won and lets you view their stats.

Each section consists of four types of races: Drift Race, Drag Race, Point 2 Point, and a Cop Chase.  In the drift races, the roads are slick and the car slides around a lot. In drift, not only do you need to win, but you also need to get a certain number of drift points. These are earned simply by drifting. In the point 2 point, you must get the necessary points and before you win the race. In the cop chase, you must evade a cop through the entire level. If you get busted by the cops, your car gets impounded. The drag race requires you to shift when the indicator turns red by pressing a button at the bottom of the screen. This is a short race that lasts no more that thirty seconds.  Before each race, you pick the car you want to use in the race and the car you want a pink slip for. The car that you choose a pink slip for is yours if you win. If you lose, you lose the car you were driving with.

photo 391 269x180 custom App Review: Fast and Furious: Pink Slipphoto 381 269x180 custom App Review: Fast and Furious: Pink Slip

The controls to this game are easy to use and very well done. To turn, tilt your device. To get a quick boost, activate your nitro by tapping the nitro canister on the left side of the screen.

This app is a very well done racing game with smooth gameplay and good graphics. The app is very stable as well.  I did not have any trouble with the game crashing.

Fast and Furious: Pink Slip is available in the iTunes App Store for $2.99 for a limited time.

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