App Review: Real Racing HD by Firemint (for iPad)

June 2, 2010 by Rob  
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One of the funnest and most successful iPhone racing games – Real Racing – is available for the iPad. Now, this probably isn’t news to anyone since this game has been out for a while. However, this excellent first person racer suits the iPad in every way with awesome graphics and great gameplay. There’s definitely something about taking a great racing game from the small screen (iPhone) and adapting it to a larger screen (iPad) with more visual impact – and that’s what this game does.

Real Racing HD for iPad draws you in and you get immersed into the world of track racing. Controls are the same as the iPhone version which has you tilting the device left or right to steer or touching on the corners of the screen for brakes, etc. These controls are easy enough that anyone, regardless of gaming background, can pickup, start racing, and have fun with it.

As I mentioned previously, the graphics on Real Racing HD are great. The game is really awesome to look at and I always recommend Real Racing HD to friends that are looking for an app to show off their new iPad with. Having said that, RR HD is also a great app just to show off in and of itself. After all, everyone loves racing games and RR HD doesn’t disappoint.

There are three game modes: Career, Quick Race and Time Trial. There is also a connected mode where you can play head to head with your friends on either a local network (wifi) or in leagues online. In Career mode, you advance through the various races one at a time, progressing as you keep winning. As you play career mode, more tracks are unlocked that you can play in a quick race. Playing quick race is for when you don’t have a lot of time and just need to get your “fix” for a race. You select your track and your car and then race, these games last about 5 minutes each. The more you race in quick race the more cars you unlock as you keep winning. In time trials you race against the clock and try to beat prior timings. The more you race the more cars are unlocked for time trials as well.

Real Racing HD is a major game title for the iPad. What I mean by that is that to get through the entire game will take you hours. It’s immersible and the extent of game types and track choices along with car choices and configuration options means this game will surely bring you hours of enjoyment. Take a moment to view the many screen shots attached below for a feel for how vast this game is. Real Racing HD also allows you to play music from the iPod while you race, thus enhancing your experience more as you cruise to your favorite racing song.

In all, I’ve really enjoyed playing Real Racing HD on my iPad as the gameplay is excellent and the graphics are superb. I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a great first person racer for their new iPad (or if you’re looking for a cool way to show off your new iPad, this works well for that too!!).

What We Liked: Great graphics, excellent gameplay, low boredom factor.
What We Didn’t Like: Actually, nothing.

Appmodo Reviews Real Racing by Firemint

July 29, 2009 by Rob  
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Our friends over at have spent some time with the racing app Real Racing by Firemint. Here’s a little on what they had to say about it:

Immediately after opening Real Racing, you can tell the amount of hard work that was put into this game. A smooth transition from opening screen to main menu, and just another tap could get you started in the action. Career Mode, Quick Race, Time Trial, and Connected. Four ways to race, each one a blast.

The graphics for the game are absolutely stunning. Fully rendered cars with a full range of motion and even a decent physics engine are present, so you know when you hit another car and spin out of control. The locations and courses are beautifully done, and I caught myself several times admiring the scenery when I should have been paying attention to the road. The audio is also a great accomplishment, with realistic sound effects and a bumping soundtrack to get you pumped up for high speed racing.

Head on over to for their full review, found here.

Or, for iTunes:

realracing Appmodo Reviews Real Racing by Firemint

App Review: Flight Control by Firemint

March 24, 2009 by Dorothy  
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flightcontrol4 150x150 App Review: Flight Control by FiremintFlight Control is a simple yet challenging game.  You are an air traffic controller whose job it is to help all the planes land safely at the airport.  As the planes approach your field of vision a exclamation point begins flashing at the point where they will enter the screen.  When the plane appears, it will be in color.  The color indicates that the plane needs a flight path.  You must draw a flight path for the plane with your finger on the iPod or iPhone screen from the plane to the runway.  There are two runways and a helipad for the helicopters.  The small orange planes can use the shorter runway.  After you give the plane a flight path, it will turn white and proceed to follow the path and land.  If, however, two planes come close to one another, you will receive a warning in the form of a red circle around the planes.  If they crash, the game is over.  Often, you must alter the flight path of one or more planes to avoid a collision.

flightcontrol1 268x178 custom App Review: Flight Control by Firemintflightcontrol2 268x178 custom App Review: Flight Control by Firemint

This app reminded me a lot of Airport Mania by Reflexive Entertainment.  The basic premise for both is the same.  The biggest difference is the depth of game play that exists.  Airport Mania not only requires you to land the planes, but you must take care of the planes and help them load and unload passengers.  There is a lot more to keep track of and to do.  However, the planes on Airport Mania do not crash into each other.  You simply cue them up in a landing order and they take care of the rest.

If you are looking for a quick game that will challenge you, Flight Control will offer a well-designed challenge.  If you want a more in depth game that will carry you through hours of play, Airport Mania fits the bill a little better.

Flight Control is $0.99 in the iTunes App Store.

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