App Review: Friki Tricks by W3 Software

May 5, 2009 by Bret  
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frikitricks1 150x150 App Review: Friki Tricks by W3 SoftwareFriki Tricks by W3 Software is an addictive puzzle game with original graphics and great bonus features. The goal of the game is to eliminate pictures by getting three of the same picture in a row. Once you have eliminated a certain number of picture sets, you will advance a level and be given a bonus. Your bonus is chosen when you press the stop button. Some bonuses include point multipliers, bombs, and time extenders.

To move the pictures where you would like them, touch the picture and motion your finger in the direction you wish. Eliminating more than three pictures in a set, or eliminating more than one set will give you a combo.

As you progress through the levels, more and more pictures will be added to make the game harder. If you ever feel like there are no more moves you can make, you can look at how many available moves are left in the bottom right of the screen. If there are no moves left, you can use a mega bomb to destroy every picture on the screen and give you a whole new set. If you are playing in the timed mode, you must eliminate sets to keep the time running. If the time runs out, you lose a life. There are only three lives total. Once you have finished your game you can upload it on the world wide high score board.

Friki Tricks is a smooth, colorful, and unique game that is a lot of fun with great replay value. If you like Bejeweled, you will love this game.

Friki tricks is $0.99 in the iTunes App Store.

frikitricks3 200x300 App Review: Friki Tricks by W3 Softwarefrikitricks2 200x300 App Review: Friki Tricks by W3 Software

Developer’s Website:

Friki Tricks by W3 Software

May 1, 2009 by Rob  
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Dwnld iTunes bdg V wht88x48 Friki Tricks by W3 Software


66% off regular price : $2.99

Be prepared to play this addictive puzzle game where you need to align three or more identical items vertically or horizontally to remove them from the gameboard.

More combos will give you more score points. When you have removed a number of items, you can go to the next level and get a bonus item.

We work hard to bring you the best gaming experience by implementing some Must Have Features :

- Resume Game : what happen if you are playing and the phone rings and of course this is your mother-in-law calling.
We have the solution ! The gameboard is saved and you can get back to it after the call, cool, huh? icon smile Friki Tricks by W3 Software

- Online Scores : challenge people all around the world and be the best of the best of the best. Yes you can !

Some game tips :
- save the red bombs, and if you get 100 gold pieces, buy some more, if you want to get a top score.
- watch available moves at the bottom right of the game board.

You like puzzle game, Friki Tricks is for you !

Enjoy !

Game Features Keys

- Time and Arcade mode
- Up to 100 level of fun
- Bonus items
- Local and Online Scores
- Resume Mode
- Sound and Music On/Off support

Friki Tricks is $0.99 in the iTunes App Store

Developer Website:

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