App Review: iMech by Flying Dino LLC

September 1, 2009 by Rob  
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l 480 320 7047b2e2 d4c6 4415 b2a7 71b665df8620 300x200 App Review: iMech by Flying Dino LLCiMech by Flying Dino is a mech wars style game played with up to 8 players online. I first tried iMech a few days ago and have been playing it off and on ever since. As a mech warrior your challenge is to find the enemy and destroy them. However, this is not an easy task, so practice up and get some good weapons.

iMech puts you into an excellent 3D world where you maneuver your mech around finding other mechs to kill. You have unlimited machine guns, flamethrower, and lasers so you can just keep firing as you go. However, picking up a rocket or a landmine will yield you only one of each. Once they are spent, you’ll need to find another to picup.

Controls are via two joystick pads, one for each of your thumbs. The left pad controls your movement and direction. The right pad controls your fire and the direction in which you face (or look). So, you may be walking in one direction (say backwards) while looking and shooting in another direction. Some weapons, such as flamethrower and machine guns fire all the time when pressing the right joystick pad. However, others require a power-up time (lasers) where the more you let them power up the strong their destructive power will be.

One option setting that I found to be helpful is to enable is “double tap to fire.” With this set, the mech does not always fire while you are looking around. This is critical if you want to shoot a rocket but need to look around and find an enemy first.

iMech game play is fun and exciting but it is online only. There is no single player mode so you must have an internet connection to join an online game. There are three servers that you can join: US West, US East and Europe. You’ll want to join the one closest to you to avoid as much lag as possible.

If you’re a fan of the mech games for PC then iMech should be considered. However, the game is not without it’s issues. I found the dual control joystick to be not quite up to par of other game implementations. In fact, I found it quite difficult to control the mech how I would expect. Since the left one controls movement and the right one controls looking direction and fire you would think this combo would work well. But it doesn’t. The main problem is that the right one can ALSO steer your direction. It’s almost like fighting against the controls to get the mech to do what you want.

The other issue is that no matter which server I joined I was faced with off and on lag. Since you can only play iMech by connecting to one of these servers you will want to do make sure you’re on a fast connection before connecting. Over wifi on a 10MB fiber connection I still experience lag off and on in every game I’ve played so far. I do realize this is a function of online games, but it does deteriorate from the experience.

In all, iMech is a pretty decent, multi-player, online game. However with some minor improvements it could be much better and game play would be significantly more enjoyable and less frustrating. If you’re a die hard mech fan then the game is still a no-brainer.

The Good:  Great 3D graphics, online game play is fun and addicting.

The Bad: Controls are awkward and fight against each other, laggy servers deteriorate the experience.


  1. Go through the tutorial before jumping into your first game.  It is an excellent tutorial and will get you up and playing fast.
  2. You may want to change the right control joystick pad to enable “double tap to fire.”  This will allow you to look around without always shooting your guns (and hence, being easily discovered by your enemies).

iMech was $0.99 when reviewed, however that is a sale price.

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