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How To: Install Apps onto Your iPhone or iPod Touch

Since the iTunes App Store launched one year ago, it has grown to become the standard to follow for delivering applications to mobile devices.  Every mobile device manufacturer is scrambling to catchup to Apple in this regarHowever, if you are new to the iPhone or iPod, then installing applications may not be as intuitive or simple as you hoped.  So, if you’re like thousands of people out there that need a little help, then this post is for you.

So, you’ve been reading, found an app you like and would now like it installed on your device.  No problem!  There are two main methods for getting apps from iTunes onto your device, here’s how:

The first, and possible the most comon method, is via your computer using iTunes.  Since iTunes comes for both PC and Mac, the process is pretty much identical for both platforms. Here are the steps:

  1. If you haven’t already installed iTunes on your PC or Mac, go here and follow the instructions.
  2. Also, if you don’t have an iTunes account, you must first open one via the iTunes application.  You’ll need to provide a credit card (used for buying apps, music and whatever else).
  3. Now that you have iTunes installed and have an account, you’re ready to start app shopping.  You’ll find that many app links on the web (even those from will send you directly into iTunes and land you on the app page that you clicked on.  You may also use the App Store to search and find apps as well.
  4. You’ve found the app you like, now click “Buy App” and follow the purchase instructions.
    buy app button itunes How To: Install Apps onto Your iPhone or iPod Touch
  5. Now that you have the app on your PC/Mac, you have to sync it to your iPhone or iPod.  Using the USB cable, plugin your device to an available USB port on your computer.
  6. Once connected, your iPhone/iPod will show up in the iTunes side bar.
    iphone sidebar 150x134 How To: Install Apps onto Your iPhone or iPod Touch
  7. Click on the device in the side bar, then click on the “Applications” tab.
  8. You should now have a list of downloaded apps on your computer. Enable app sync, then select each app you want to install.
  9. Click the Sync button in the bottom right of iTunes.
  10. iTunes will now sync your device and install the checked applications.

itunes window 300x162 How To: Install Apps onto Your iPhone or iPod Touch

The second method may be the easier method for getting apps onto your device, since it does not require a computer.  All iPhone and iPod Touch devices have both the iTunes and App Store apps installed on them.  However, you will still want to go through the iTunes setup and install on your computer so that you can keep your device backed up.

  1. Using your iPhone or iPod, launch the App Store app.
    howto install apps2 200x300 How To: Install Apps onto Your iPhone or iPod Touch
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and touch the Sign In button.
    howto install apps3 How To: Install Apps onto Your iPhone or iPod Touch
  3. Select either “Use Existing Account” or “Create New Account” option.  If you didn’t already setup an account (never bought music before from iTunes?), then you’ll want to create a new account.
  4. Confirm the store: United States, agree to the terms and follow the process for creating an account.
    howto install apps1 200x300 How To: Install Apps onto Your iPhone or iPod Touch
  5. Now that you have your account created you can use one of the tabs (Featured, Categories, Top 25, Search) to shop for apps.  Take your time to explore the various methods.
  6. Now that you’ve found the app you’d like to purchase, simply touch the price button and then touch again when it says “BUY NOW.”
    howto install apps6 How To: Install Apps onto Your iPhone or iPod Touch
  7. You may need to confirm your password or enter your iTunes account email and password. Touch OK.
  8. The App Store app will close and the purchased app will now download directly to your device.  Once installed, it will be ready to run.

The drawback to the second method is that if you are on the 3G or EDGE network you cannot install apps greater than 10MB.  If you’d like to install an app greater than 10MB you’ll need to find a WiFi signal do download it or use the first method above.

That’s it!  Happy app shopping!

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