iPhone OS 3.0 is here. Where to Start and Changes to check out

Apple released iPhone OS 3.0 for iPhone today, creating lost work productivity accross the globe as untold numbers of fanbois eagerly update their iPhones and iPod Touches.  The update brings many new enhancements to all generations of iPhones and iPod Touches and we’ll start breaking these down over the next day.  However, there’s been no shortage of information about OS 3.0 since it was seeded to app developers some months ago.

So where do you start, you ask?  Well, here’s just a few of the much desired enhancements that iPhone OS 3.0 brings and how to use them:

1. Spotlight searches.  Similarly to Spotlight on you Mac computer the new iPhone OS features search across all of the apps on your iPhone.  What’s also very nice is that it’s FAST, just like what you’re used to with Spotlight on your main computer.  To try it out, unlock your device.  Press the home button to make sure you’re at the home screen, now you will notice that there is another “dot” (ok, spotlight) left of the left-most screen indicator.  This is the Spotlight screen.  Just swipe right (move the screen left) and voila! Start your searches.  Touching a result will launch that application and open what you selected.  Very nice.

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iphoneos30 screens2 100x150 iPhone OS 3.0 is here.  Where to Start and Changes to check outiphoneos30 screens3 100x150 iPhone OS 3.0 is here.  Where to Start and Changes to check outiphoneos30 screens4 100x150 iPhone OS 3.0 is here.  Where to Start and Changes to check out

2. Voice Memos.  iPhone OS 3.0 introduces and new application: Voice Memos.  Apple’s impementation of Voice Memos is clean and concise and works great.  After launching the app you have a record button and VU meter.  Press record -> speak -> press stop and you’re done.  Listenning to voice memos is easy, just select the menu button on the right and you’ll get a listing of all of your voice memos. Touch one to listen to it.

iphoneos30 screens1 100x150 iPhone OS 3.0 is here.  Where to Start and Changes to check out

3. Landscape Keyboards.  Finally!  All of the Apple applications now support landscape keyboards for easier typing.  This includes Notes, Mail App, and Messages App.  This has been one of those frustrating omissions for the past two years and we are happy to see it finally arrive. To try it out, just launch any of these apps and tilt your device into landscape mode (that was probably obvious, but ah-well!).

iphoneos30 landscapemode 150x138 iPhone OS 3.0 is here.  Where to Start and Changes to check outiphoneos30 screens12 150x100 iPhone OS 3.0 is here.  Where to Start and Changes to check outiphoneos30 screens5 150x100 iPhone OS 3.0 is here.  Where to Start and Changes to check out

4. Notes Syncing. Yep, no more worries about losing those notes, you can now sync them with Mail.app using iTunes on your desktop.  Nice.

iphoneos30 syncnotes 150x72 iPhone OS 3.0 is here.  Where to Start and Changes to check out

5. Cut, Copy & Paste.  Yes, I’m sure you were as giddy as a little school girl knowing that today would bring Cut, Copy and Paste to your beloved device.  So now that you have it, try it out!  Copy/Paste is easy to use and works across all applications.  Just touch in the text area, get the magnify and then lift your finger (or double-tap the text area).  The cut/copy markers and buttons will appear.  Drag the two ends to include the text you want then touch one of the actions.  Now head on over to another application, repeat above steps but now touch paste.  Done. Easy. Beautiful. Sigh.

iphoneos30 screens6 150x100 iPhone OS 3.0 is here.  Where to Start and Changes to check outiphoneos30 screens8 150x100 iPhone OS 3.0 is here.  Where to Start and Changes to check outiphoneos30 screens10 100x150 iPhone OS 3.0 is here.  Where to Start and Changes to check outiphoneos30 screens11 100x150 iPhone OS 3.0 is here.  Where to Start and Changes to check out

6. Push Notifications. Ah, the famous push notifications have arrived.  If you don’t know what these are then let me explain quickly: push notifications is Apples answer to background running applications.  Since Apple does not permit apps to run in the background (ie: chat apps that would check for chats) they have come up with this system to appease developers.  How it works is that if you have an app installed that uses push notification, the app developer can “push” content or messages to your device and you will be notified, regardless if the app is open or not.  Eg: AP news app can push you breaking news headlines.

7. YouTube enahancements.  Even YouTube saw some enhancement love today.  The new YouTube app allows you to sign in to your YouTube account where you can view our uploaded videos, subscriptions, favorites, history, playlists, most recent, and top rated vids.

8. iTunes and App Store.  iTunes and App Store now have more purchasing options, such as movies, TV shows and the capability to redeem codes via your device.

iphoneos30 screens13 100x150 iPhone OS 3.0 is here.  Where to Start and Changes to check outiphoneos30 screens14 100x150 iPhone OS 3.0 is here.  Where to Start and Changes to check out

9. Others.  A few other enhancements worth mentioning are: Stereo Bluetooth, Internet Tethering (not yet for AT&T), MMS messaging (note yet for AT&T), shake to shuffle and oh so much more.

Since the new OS includes over 100 enhancements and changes we can’t possibly list them all, but as you find more of them – share the knowledge and please let us know in the comments.

Apple Announces New iPhone 3GS, iPhone OS 3.0

June 8, 2009 by Rob  
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AppChatter.com is not a rumor site by any means, and so for the past several months we’ve had to sit back and bite our tongue as every other Apple oriented blog out there took it upon themselves to report every single rumor possible about the upcoming iPhone.  Well, today was reconciliation day for all as Apple laid out the new iPhone firmware and of course, the new iPhone 3G S.

iphone3gs row 300x136 Apple Announces New iPhone 3GS, iPhone OS 3.0

Here’s what we know about the new iPhone 3G S, pulling from TUAW.com and CrunchGear.com:

  • Two new iPhone models: 16GB iPhone 3G S ($199) and 32GB iPhone 3G S ($299)
  • In addition to the two new iPhone models Apple will continue to sell the original iPhone 3G 8GB for $99.00
  • Some are reporting that the “S” designation on the new iPhones is for “Speed.”
  • New iPhones will be available on June 19th.  That’s June 19th.
  • Updated features on the 3G S iPhones include:
  • Significantly improved battery life: 9 hours on wifi, 10 hours watching video, 30 hours of audio playback, 12 hours of 2G talk time, and 5 hours of 3G talk time.
  • Support for Nike+
  • Built in digital compass.
  • Voice control and voice dialing.
  • Control iTunes via voice commands.
  • Voice commands float around in the background on the screen.
  • New camera with 3.2MP, auto focus, auto exposure, auto white balance.
  • Tap on the screen to focus on that part of the picture.
  • Improved low light sensitivity.
  • Macro capability.
  • Captures video (woot!).
  • Video at 30 frames per second in VGA resolution, also auto-light and auto-focus.
  • iPhone 3G S is roughly 2X faster overall from iPhone 3G.

Along with the new iPhone 3G S comes a new software update for all iPhone ownsers.  We previously reported about the new firmware when it was seeded to iPhone developers and now here is the final word on it:

  • New iPhone OS 3.0 firmware will be available world wide on June 17th.
  • Copy/Paste and Undo supported across all apps.
  • MMS is now available (ATT will not support MMS until later this summer).
  • Spotlight is being added to iPhone OS 3.0.
  • Rent and purchase movies right on the iPhone.
  • Improved parental controls.
  • Data tethering via USB or Bluetooth for both MAC or PC (only 22 carriers in 42 countries, no word on ATT).
  • OS 3.0 is much, much faster in many regards, including 2x faster for JavaScript.
  • Autofill usernames/passwords in Safari.
  • New feature: “Find my iPhone” available only to MobileMe subscribers.
  • A new remote wipe command that you can remotely wipe the contents off the iPhone.
  • Send a message from land line or online to trigger remote wipe.
  • App subscription support.
  • Push notifications for developers.
  • Much more.
  • iPhone OS 3.0 is free for all current iPhone users (2G and 3G) and is $9.95 for iPod Touch owners.

So to sum it up: new iPhone OS 3.0 is available on June 17th and the new iPhone 3G S will be available on June 19th.  Mark your calendars and schedule your vacation days (as I turn to my “other” job to do just that).  We’ll be bringing you the iPhone 3G S full pics and coverage on the 19th once we’ve been down to the Apple store to get one.  Stay tuned!

iPhone OS 3.0 has copy/paste and 100 more enhancements

March 17, 2009 by Rob  
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As many of you may know, Apple had their iPhone OS 3.0 live event today in Cupertino, California. The event, hosted at Apple, was to give everyone a view into the upcoming iPhone OS 3.0 and the many new features and enhancements to the platform. So, without further delay, this is what I got as some long awaited features due to hit iPhones everywhere this summer:

  • Major API enhancements and additions for app developers (over 1000).
  • App subscriptions and in-app purchases now supported (Apple to take 30% still).
  • Discovery of nearby devices via bluetooth.
  • SDK dock support for proprietary apps and accessories.
  • Map app enhancements for in-app maps via the APIs.
  • CoreLocation to support turn by turn navigation, developers must supply their own maps.
  • Push notification – Can push badges, text and sounds. Major infrastructure changes to support it.
  • Cut, Copy & Paste supported across all applications. Minimal effort to implement for developers.
  • All Apple apps to receive landscape mode keyboards.
  • A whole new messages app (texts) to support MMS and more.
  • A whole new voice memos app.
  • Updates to Calendar app to include syncing with Google, Yahoo! and others.
  • Spotlight search to search across all apps and launch the appropriate app.
  • Stereo bluetooth support (A2DP) for wireless stereo headphones, etc.
  • Many more enhancements.

This is definitely the largest and most complete update that the iPhone has ever seen.  Nearly every single gripe that anyone has had with the device will be overcome with this new update.  I’m also very happy to see that every one of the items on my wish list have been met – thank you very much!

The update will be available this summer to all 3G iPhone owners. 2G iPhone owners can also use it but with missing features and iPod Touch owners will have to caugh up $9.95 to run it on their devices.  However, judging by the laundry list of enhancements every device owner will benefit from an upgrade to 3.0.

For further/more detailed information visit: TechCrunch.com, Gizmodo.com, and ArsTechnica.com.

Apple set to announce iPhone OS 3.0 on March 17th

March 12, 2009 by Rob  
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The blogosphere is abuzz today (here, here and here) with news that Apple will be unveiling details about the new iPhone OS 3.0 as well as the accompanying iPhone SDK.  With push notifications nowhere in sight and their September deadline in the distant past maybe we will see something about it here.

What are you hoping to see?  As for me, copy/paste is a high priority with push notifications or even background processes for third parties.  I’d also like to see more of the native apps support landscape keyboard (mail and SMS especially, c’mon Apple!). For now we’ll have to dream and wait a meager 5 more days…

iphone3event 300x231 Apple set to announce iPhone OS 3.0 on March 17th(image from arstechnica.com)

iPhone Carrier Update… update.

February 7, 2009 by Rob  
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If you’re like me and plugged your iPhone into your computer today you likely notice a prompt from iTunes to update your phone’s carrier information. MobileCrunch.com has the details of the udpate, which appears to be nothing more than a couple of images for AT&T’s new MicroCell service for residences. So no worries, update away.
carrier settings iPhone Carrier Update... update.

Apple releases iPhone and iPod Touch Firmware 2.2.1

January 27, 2009 by Rob  
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For iPhone OS 3.0 information see:

iPhone OS 3.0 is here. Where to start and changes to check out.
Apple Announces iPhone 3G S and iPhone OS 3.0


Today Apple released a minor firmware update for both the iPhone and iPod Touch.  This update brings the version to 2.2.1 and appears to only fix a few minor issues within Safari and the Photo app:

iPhone 2.2.1 Software Update

This update contains bug fixes and improvements, including the following:
- Improved general stability of Safari
- Fixed issue where some images saved from Mail do not display correctly in the Camera Roll

Products compatible with this software update:
- iPhone
- iPhone 3G

221 Apple releases iPhone and iPod Touch Firmware 2.2.1

2 2 1 screen Apple releases iPhone and iPod Touch Firmware 2.2.1

If you know of any other improvements or enhancements found in the 2.2.1 firmware version please leave us a comment..

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