App Review: Jet Car Stunts by True Axis

November 30, 2009 by Rob  
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jetcarstunts26 300x200 App Review: Jet Car Stunts by True AxisAlright, all you car lovin’, stunt crazed, speed fanatics take note and listen up: Jet Car Stunts is awesome! Seriously though, I can’t put this game down! I’m finding myself reaching for my iPhone more often just to get a few minutes of stunt action in. It’s crazy! This game is not only one of the funnest car games I’ve played lately, it’s highly addictive and leaves you wanting more and coming back to get it. Now, for the actual review portion of this post:

Jet Car Stunts has two different game modes: time trials and platforming. The two objectives are quite different and each offers it’s own set of challenges. If you choose platforming, the objective of the game is to jump from platform to platform, doing various (car) tricks as you go all while keeping your retry count and time down. Your main object here is just simply to stay alive (ie: don’t fall off the track) and complete the course. The courses for platforming are quite a bit more difficult than the tracks for time trials. If you choose time trials, the whole objective is to do five laps of the track as fast as possible and to beat the clock.

Jet Car Stunts is Open Feint enabled so your high scores (or low) are automatically posted for all to see (can be disabled). Taking a quick glance at the timings posted on the leaderboards tells you that you’ll need to practice a lot in order to really compete at a global scale. However, this isn’t really a huge interest for me. Simply playing the game in either mode provides a lot of entertainment value and playability in and of itself.

Jet Car Stunts has multiple levels in each mode. Each level is unlocked by completed all of the courses in the previous level. So, to move on to intermediate in the time trials, you must score at least a bronze in three of the four various courses in the easy set. Same goes for platforming, in order to move on you must complete four out of five courses for that level. Be warned though, tracks get tough quickly. Just moving into the intermediate group and you quickly realize that you need to be an expert stunt car driver to complete them.

Controling the Jet Car is done via virtual buttons (jet, forward, reverse, brakes) and tilting the device (accelerometer) left or right to steer. If you happen to be flying through the air (quite common in this game) and you see you’re about to overshoot your track or landing spot, touching the brake will bring out the flaps (air brakes!) to help slow you down. Touching the jet button will ignite the jet engine and propel you faster and faster. Be careful though, as you’re accelerating using the jet engine you are quickly burning through jet fuel. Once the jet fuel is gone you have to wait until you pass through a checkpoint before getting more.

In all, we’ve been having a lot of fun with this game and so with that, it’s an easy recommendation. If you like car games of any kind then check out Jet Car Stunts, it’s pure iPhone game fun!

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