App Review: PES 2010 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2010) by Konami

June 13, 2010 by dermot  
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The long awaited Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (or PES 2010) title has finally arrived. At this moment in time the game is available in New Zealand and Europe. With there being several Soccer apps already in the app store it will be interesting to see how PES 2010 performs against the others.

The game costs or will cost $9.99 when released in the US store, so it’s in the premium market pricing but for good reason.

The first thing that you notice when playing PES 2010 is the amazing UI which can be seen throughout the game. Everything from the home screen to the pause menu has been buffed and polished although I wouldn’t expect much less from a developer like Konami.

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The main aspect to look out for however is the game play. Konami have not released many apps so far and the ones they have released have not had a great reputation, take ridge racer for example. However they seemed to have put that behind them as PES 2010 gameplay works like a charm. For a start they have kept controls nice and simple with a virtual D-pad and A and B buttons. To allow them to keep it this simple they have used a common system of multiple functions, eg: hold down B for a longer pass.

Apart from the controls they also seemed to have done a great job on the graphics. I was surprised while playing that you have such fluid movements with your players including little details like being able to chest the ball down. Even the cut scenes and corners were great with a quick replay after every goal.

The content is decent enough with all of the major competitions available to play complete with a trophy cabinet to scroll through your victories. Although the IPA might seem small to be a contender with X2 Soccer being three times the size.

The one thing that could really improve the game would be a multiplayer mode which is yet to be seen in the lineup. Konami rarely release updates so there is little chance of it coming soon. However, this is one feature we would like to see.

The real question now is which to buy, X2 Soccer, FIFA or PES 2010. Currently the world cup version of FIFA is on sale for $0.99 so for now that seems like the easy option and with X2 soccer being $2 cheaper it looks like PES 2010 may be the last choice for many which is unfortunate because both the graphics and the gameplay are excellent and to be admired.

With the excellent graphics and game controls PES 2010 is still and easy recommendation to Soccer lovers, despite it’s price.

What we liked: Good quality graphics and controls.
What we didnt like:Premium launch pricing.

App Review: Metal Gear Solid Touch by Konami Digital Entertainment

December 12, 2009 by Rob  
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mgst10 300x200 App Review: Metal Gear Solid Touch by Konami Digital EntertainmentMetal Gear Solid Touch is the iPhone version of the PlayStation game Metal Gear Solid by Konami. Since I’ve never played MGS for anything other than the iPhone, I’ll be focusing on that version in this review.

I’ve spent some good time playing this game however, unfortunately, my iPhone’s battery started to die and I took it to Apple on Friday and they restored the firmware and erased all of my screen shots. So, since they want me to use the phone without restoring my backup (they think the firmware is corrupt which is causing poor battery) I’m having to start fresh and have lost all of my app data. I’m OK with firmware restores but I really do wish that there was a better way to get app data synced back to my phone somehow. Loosing app data for several apps and games that I’m in the middle of testing for review is a real pain. Oh, and so far, the battery isn’t any better…

Metal Gear Solid Touch is a first person shooter game based on the console game. When you first launch the app you are given the story (you play in story mode) and you are given your first orders. Since you are a soldier, your missions are typically to take out the enemy. To play, you sit behind a bunker and when the enemy is visible you jump out and shoot them. The first few levels are pretty straight forward, shooting various other soldiers, then the enemy gets more advanced and levels get harder as distant snipers, helicopters and other artillery are brought out to be used against you.

When an enemy soldier appears they have a “timer” that counts down until they shoot at you. If you don’t hit them before they fire, and you’re not behind the bunker, then they will shoot you. You can sustain about 10 hits before you’re dead so be careful. Once the enemies “timer” runs out then usual disappear, only to return a shot while later to take another shot. Distant enemies are harder to hit, and you must use a sniper rifle to get them.

One thing about MGST that you will notice is the simplicity in the controls. To aim, you simply touch anywhere on the screen and drag your finger. Once you’ve got an enemy in your crosshairs you simply tap the screen to fire. If you are not touching the screen in any way then your soldier automatically ducks behind the bunker. So, siting tight to dodge some incoming is as easy as simply not touching anything.

There is no walking around in MGST. In fact, the screen is pretty much static with the exception of the movement of your soldier as he jumps up to aim or fire and the appearance of the enemy in the battlefield in front of you. Once you’ve met the mission requirements, like killing 18 enemy soldiers, then you return to the story and progress to the next level. During the story mode there are some pretty cool images to help with the story.

In all I have been pretty pleased with this game. I’m a big fan of FPS style games and so this one does fit well into that genre. I worry a bit that many will find that the game has limited replay appeal, however if you are a fan of FPS games then you should enjoy this one. Recommended for shooter die-hards for sure. Current pricing on this game makes it difficult to recommend to everyone.

What we liked: Simple controls, good FPS game similar to Shooter.
What we didn’t like: Price, limited replayability.

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