Dice Diving by Larry Snyder

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Dice Diving combines the excitement of competitive high-diving with the thrill of poker-style hand making.

What sets Dice Diving apart from the current slew of dice games is it’s original concept and scoring system, very professional look and quick jump-in gameplay.

Summary of the new concept:
* A Dive consist of 8 poker hands that are played by rolling dice.
* 3 of the poker hands represent the dive difficulty and are set hands that must be matched to apply the difficulty bonus
* The remaining 5 hands are the judges scoring and free-play where the better the poker hand, the better score.
* Scoring comes from completing both aspects (the dive elements and the judging) and multiplying their scores together

Gameplay is quick and challenging. With a limited number of rolls, players are forced to make critical decisions balancing the pursuit of the best poker hand for the highest judges scores or completing the mandatory elements in the dive’s difficulty.

The game features include:
* A new and original dice gaming concept
* Beautifully crafted 3D dice and professional gameboard design
* Solid, pleasant sounds effects
* Local achievements and online world records across 31 events
* Fast, competitive gameplay
* In-game instructional video

For a youtube demo, please visit:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kHI_MEyIgI

Developer Website: http://www.fogislandgames.com

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