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App Review: Lasers by Brisk Mobile Inc.

lasers1 150x150 App Review: Lasers by Brisk Mobile Inc.Lasers by Brisk Mobile Inc. is a great puzzle app.  Each level presents you with a series of interconnected lasers and an arrangement of diamonds on the screen.  To clear each level, you must arrange the lasers so that one of the lasers shines through each of the diamonds on the screen.  The lasers are moved by dragging them around the screen.  However, some lasers are fixed to the ground and cannot be moved.  Lasers forces you to think visually to solve each puzzle.

The first few levels are relatively easy and will give you a good feel for the rest of the game.  The levels do get progressively harder as they go on.  By the time I got to level 13, I found the puzzles to be quite challenging.  Once you have completed a level, you can go back and play it as many times as you want.  However, you have to unlock the levels in order one at a time.  Lasers is a great app for those who like a challenging puzzle.

Lasers is $0.99 in the iTunes App Store.

Developer’s Website: http://olmob.com/?Products_Lasers#./images/Picture1Nodes.jpg

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