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It is always easier to learn tricks about adding or subtracting numbers swiftly and even to perform quick multiplications. But when it comes to division, even high IQ individuals look around for calculators.
Learn Divisibility Test is a unique app focused on divisibility tips and tricks and tries to teach divisibility fundamentals using the three basic modes:

• Learn

- Learn section explains the divisibility test of all integers between 2 and 9 and all prime numbers between 11 and 50. Detailed examples are provided to make user understand the divisibility techniques rapidly.

• Divisibility Calculator

- Divisibility Calculator allows the user to enter any integer up to 10 digits and return all the integers dividing this number entirely, along with the text explaining the divisibility criteria. The result is displayed in a creative form of stacks which evidently allows user to get hold of the divisibility rules instantly.

• Quiz

- Quiz section displays objective type questions related to divisibility. Each question has four options. As soon as an answer is selected, the app returns the result along with the explanation about the divisibility rule.

All in all, Learn Divisibility Test provides a fun filled learning experience to the user. On repetitive usage this app guarantees an increase in user’s capability to perform complex divisions in no time. The divisibility rules and explanations are provided in an interactive fashion allowing the user to learn divisibility rules with minimum effort.

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