App Review: Trenches by Thunder Game Works

January 20, 2010 by Rob  
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trenches14 300x200 App Review: Trenches by Thunder Game WorksI’m a huge fan of tower defense style games as well as line drawing games and Trenches takes both of these and combines them, similarly to Boom Brigade (which we also enjoyed).  I’ve been playing Trenches for a few days now and have been liking it, so here’s my findings.

The object of Trenches is to advance across the battlefield killing all of your enemy as you go.  If you make it to the enemy line and have completely anhialated them as you’ve gone then you win the round.  Of course, your enemy fires on you (it is a war game, afterall!) and so you must continue to make soldiers and add them to the field.

There are varioius types of weapons you can build, and depending on the weapon chosen will dictate also how many soldiers come with that round of building.  For example, if you select just the rifle with bayonette then you will get three soldiers all carrying rifles.  However, if you select the grenade launcher then you will only get one soldier carrying that weapon.  On each build cycle, you must have sufficient gold to make the chosen weapon and you can only build one at a time, requiring you to wait to build the next round of weapons.

When I first started to play Trenches I had a hard time figuring it out, however that didn’t last long.  The whole premise is actually pretty easy once you get it figured out.  Controls are simple, as you can imagine with most line drawing style games. However, the one aspect that got me is that you must scroll the battlefield since it is wider than the screen.  This is easy and if you’re paying attention to the onscreen helps that popup then you wont have any trouble (swipe the sky left or right to scroll the battlefield).  If you are playing a campaign, then you’ll need to advance many levels before getting access to all guns and weapons, however if you are playing skirmish then it’s pretty much do or die.

Trenches is Open Feint enabled which allows you to share your scores with friends and also rank against other Trenches players.  You can also pause your game and come back to it later, which is a must have in mobile games.

I’ve enjoyed my time with Trenches and we recommend it to anyone that likes line-drawing or even tower defense style games.

What we liked: Decent graphics, fun game play.
What we didn’t like: If the enemy uses the missile on you, you’re dead – all of your soldiers are toast (ok, not really a ‘don’t like’ aspect of the game but it was frustrating to get all my guys blown up!!!!). icon biggrin App Review: Trenches by Thunder Game Works

App Review: Boom Brigade by 10tons ltd

October 5, 2009 by Rob  
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boom brigade21 300x200 App Review: Boom Brigade by 10tons ltdAccording to the 10tons’ description of Boom Brigade, the game is a cross between tower defense, line drawing and top-down style games. I’m a huge fan of tower defense games and have been recently playing many of the line drawing games as well. So, to take these genres and attempt to mix them up, well, we just had to give it a try. Read on to see how we liked it…. Read more

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