AppModo Intervews Blue Fang Games, Developers of Lion Pride

September 17, 2009 by Rob  
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Our friends over at AppModo spent some time with Scott Triola from Blue Fang Games the developers of Lion Pride [Read our review here].  Their interview is posted on their site here.

As Blue Fang points out:

By opening up the platform to independent developers, Apple has created a vibrant new gaming platform with an install base that is global and extends beyond the traditional console and PC gamer.  For an independent development studio like Blue Fang, this means we now have a cost-effective way to develop and distribute games directly to the consumer – which is very exciting to us on a number of levels.

This is the key draw to the iPhone/iPod Touch platform for indie developers all over the world. Yes, it’s closed. However, what other platform makes it THAT easy to develop, distribute and earn money?!

Read the whole interview.

bluefanglogo AppModo Intervews Blue Fang Games, Developers of Lion Pride

App Review: Lion Pride by Blue Fang Games

September 8, 2009 by Dorothy  
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lionpride1 150x150 App Review: Lion Pride by Blue Fang GamesTime to live a little on the wild side of life.  Lion Pride by Blue Fang Games is a unique hunting game.  You are a member of a pride of lions.  You must hunt animals on the African savannah to keep the pride from starving.  Keep an eye on the food meter in the lower left of the screen.  If you run out of meat, the pride will die out and the game is over.

To fully understand how the game works, you should first understand a little about the way a lion pride works, as the game operates very similarly.  More information about lions can be found under the fun facts section of the menu.  The important thing to understand is that a lion pride consists mainly of a group of related lionesses, their cubs, and a few males.  The lionesses are responsible for the majority of the hunting, although the male lions will sometimes help out.  Thus, in the game lion pride, the lionesses do most of the hunting.  The male lions will help out if you attack an animal near them.  Quite often, though, they are asleep.  Simply double tap the sleeping lion to wake him up.

Hunting prey is a pretty difficult task, as many of the animals that you are hunting are either faster or stronger than a lioness.  Thus, you have to use some thought and skill to catch your food.  To make your lioness slowly creep up on another animal, draw a line slowly across the screen towards it.  When you are within striking range, use a quick flick of your finger to make the lion run and pounce on the prey.  Attacking the prey, will cause all the animals nearby to run away.  It is often helpful to hunt in teams or groups the way real lions do.  Use one lion to chase the animals towards other lions that are lying in wait, ready to attack.  A few animals such as zebras and cape buffalo must be attacked by more than one lioness.  One lion is not strong enough to over power the animal alone.

There is one tool at your disposal in this game that real lions don’t have.  You can double tap on animals to stun them.  Stunning prey slows them down for a second to give you a chance to attack.  The effects of the stun are very short-lived, though.  So, don’t use it too soon.  The prey will still get away.  You cannot attack hippos in the water, but you can stun them to receive a special bonus.  You can also use the stun on hyenas that invade your territory.  Hyenas can be big pests.  They scare away prey and can even kill and eat the very animals that your pride needs for survival.  Use your lionesses to chase them away before they make too much trouble for your pride.

Lion Pride is not an easy game, but it is unique and fun.  You must learn to use  patience, skill, and teamwork to keep your pride alive in a world where survival of the fittest is all too real.

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