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– The Electronic Toy That Couldn’t Be Made for Less Than $99, Now Available (as Five Games in One) for 99 Cents Exclusively on iTunes –

Chicago, Illinois (August 9, 2011) – SET TO STUN Inc., an official mobile game developer that creates fun, affordable and addictive mobile casual games for people of all ages and skill levels to enjoy today announced the launch of Liquid Electronics, an exciting new action and skill-based game for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Based on an original prototype of a Hasbro/Tiger Electronics toy that proved too expensive and complex to bring to market, Liquid Electronics is now available for download exclusively on iTunes (MSRP 99 cents).

“Liquid Electronics is the kind of mobile game that mom’s, their kids, and virtually anyone who has ever played those classic games of yesteryear … ‘Pong’, ‘Pinball’, ‘Concentration’ or ‘Simon’ growing up will find nostalgically fun and addictive,” said
Chris Nicolella, founder and lead mobile game developer of SET TO STUN, Inc. “We’re grateful for the opportunity to breathe life into this game that originally started as a groundbreaking electronic toy concept and utilizing the Apple iOS platform can now be enjoyed by casual gamers everywhere for only 99 cents.”

Featuring five games in one, Liquid Electronics requires both skill and speed, as colored “lava lamp-like” liquid oozes across the screen similar to water droplets and challenges players to ‘tag’ colors, match sounds, repeat patterns, and obey commands.
Each level in each game gets progressively more difficult as random LED lights move faster, multiply, activate sounds, or require players to merge skill with speed as they play against the clock.

The five games include:

· Game One: Light Tag –
Players must move the colored liquid and ‘tag’ the random red flashing LED light when it appears. The goal: ‘tag’ all the lights in each level, earning points along the way before time runs out. Each level gets progressively more difficult as the red LED lights move faster.
· Game Two: Splitter –
The object of the game is to hold the oozing colored liquid onto random green flashing LED light locations until all lights are completely covered, and to score points. As the difficulty increases, multiple green flashing LED lights appear requiring the player to ‘split’ the colored liquid and control multiple liquids on the screen at the same time.

· Game Three: Sound Match –
In this game, players move the oozing colored liquid over the solid red LED lights (13 LED’s in all) to hear six different sounds each light makes. Match all the sounds hidden within the red LED lights that you think makes the same sound before time runs out in order to continue on. Upon clearing all 13 LED light locations, the player will complete the level and a fresh set of randomly placed sound machines will start.

· Game Four: Obey Commands – Key to this game is for player’s to use their memory to follow the pattern displayed on the screen and move the oozing colored liquid (without touching the wrong LED light locations) along the way. The goal is to repeat and complete each pattern before automatically moving onto new and more complex patterns.

· Game Five: Splitter Extreme – A more challenging version of the current Splitter game, Splitter Extreme reduces the amount of time to mere seconds for players to move their oozing colored liquid to each of the green LED locations, ‘split’ the colored liquid and cover additional LED light locations. Each level of the game increases the number of ‘splitting’ required to complete the round.

About SET TO STUN, Inc.
SET TO STUN Inc. is an official mobile game developer for the iPhone/iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), and soon, the Android (mobile operating system) that creates fun, affordable and addictive mobile casual games for people of all ages and skill levels to enjoy. Founded in 2009 by Chris Nicolella, a veteran toy and video game developer, SET TO STUN Inc.’s roster of games appeal to the growing market of mobile casual gamers. Key game titles include Self Destruct and Liquid Electronics available for download on iTunes. For more information, visit, Liquid Electronics Fan Page on Facebook, and

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