SpaceJet: Galaxy Conquest by Zippz Studios, LLC

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Dwnld iTunes bdg V wht88x48 SpaceJet: Galaxy Conquest by  Zippz Studios, LLC


We would like to ask you to review “SpaceJet: Galaxy Conquest for iPhone and iPad” on your site. It’s unique app, no analogs in
AppStore. It’s much more convenient than using Safari to work with Facebook website.
Here is info page (with video and screenshots):

iTunes link:

SpaceJet: Galaxy Conquest is an action-packed space invaders game where users will progress through space conquering planets and unlocking new abilities for their ships.
In this game, users can conquer planets, unlock new abilities, and even make custom planes through a Facebook application.
SpaceJet: Galaxy Conquest has a number of functions to keep any game-lover busy, including:

• Three Different Galaxies
• Over 20 different space creatures
• More than 15 powerful upgrades
• HD Retina Graphics
• Two Control modes – On-screen and with the SpaceJet: Controller app
• And much, much more!

Something that makes SpaceJet: Galaxy Conquest even more unique is the add-on apps. First, there is the aforementioned Plane Maker app, which will allow you to customize the look and feel of your ship and then import that custom ship into the SpaceJet game. A second app will be the external SpaceJet: Controller app, which will allow you to control the game wirelessly from another iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

The app is a free download. Please check it out.

Best Regards,

Developer Website:

Eagle Eye Free by Skript, LLC

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Dwnld iTunes bdg V wht88x48 Eagle Eye Free by Skript, LLC

You are unique! Everything around you is imperceptibly changing but you notice more than others and your finger confidently taps the anomalies. Check if you manage to attain the “Eagle Eye” title.

In our game you’ll find:

** Fascinating dynamic gameplay made easily comprehensible with the assistance of training levels.
** Help and tips for passing complicated levels.
** Unique colorful pictures which look wonderful on iPad and Retina displays.
** 4 thematic pic collections which include an exclusive pack for kids (which is very exciting for adults as well).
** Awards for extraordinary achievements in the game.
** The option to share your results in Facebook and Twitter.

+ Regular pack updating!

Look at the game’s beautiful scenes and do your best to discern what we are trying to hide from you. Think you can? Try and see if you are worthy to bear the “Eagle Eye” title!

Developer Website:

Penguin Patrol by Grab, LLC

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Dwnld iTunes bdg V wht88x48 Penguin Patrol by Grab, LLC

Baby penguins are trapped on thin ice, and the Penguin Patrol needs your help to save them!

Venture out to the Antarctic wilderness to rescue the scared baby penguins from the clutches of the evil (but oddly stylish) Walrus. But watch where you walk: with each step you take, the thin ice behind you breaks. Without careful planning, you could cut off your own escape route!

*Solve over 50 increasingly challenging levels and try to achieve 3 stars on each one
*Encounter several wildly different penguin personalities, such as the elusive Playful Penguin or the stubborn Bratty Penguin
*Maneuver deftly across three perilous types of ice using intuitive ’swipe and hold’ touchscreen controls
*Undo your last step at any time, an unlimited number of times
*Enjoy full Retina Display support on your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S as you journey from the pleasantly snowy Penguin Village to the mysterious Crystal Caves
*Earn and show off your Achievements with Game Center support

Developer Website:

Skee Bingo Arcade by IQFuel, LLC

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Dwnld iTunes bdg V wht88x48 Skee Bingo Arcade by IQFuel, LLC

Inspired by vintage arcades of yesteryear, Skee Bingo is fun for all ages. Start with 10 balls to roll down the alley and score all kinds of Bingos! There are 23 different types of Bingos, bonus ball power-ups, 3D physics, fun sounds and enjoyable gameplay make it a must have iOs game. Visit us at or

Developer Website:

Lastics Office Stretch by Lastics, LLC

Dwnld iTunes bdg V wht88x48 Lastics Office Stretch by Lastics, LLC

Being a trained dancer has given me a deep and lasting appreciation for flexibility and its benefits. I created Lastics® because most people think they are stretching when they actually aren’t and often wonder why their flexibility does not improve over time. Lastics can change that. I’ve seen it work, transforming bodies, time and time again. Let’s face it. No one can teach stretch quite like a dancer.

Endorsed by an NBA Player, Broadway Dancer and Top NY Orthopedic Surgeon, Lastics is a unique and highly effective way to loosen up your entire body from the inside out.

This app was created for busy professionals like you who need a short break from their demanding schedules. What’s great about these stretches is that you can follow along with me and they don’t require a lot of space and time. Try them anywhere, anytime throughout the day. Incorporate them into your daily routine and notice marked improvements in your flexibility.

• High-quality videos
• Each 2-4 minutes in length
• Easy to follow
• Ideal for anytime, anywhere
• Better than a coffee break!

Stretching has been proven to reduce stress, improve heart health, increase circulation and much more. Get started now and join us in feeling better!

“Like” us on Facebook or visit and see what people are raving about.

“I was so surprised at how firm and toned I became from just stretching and doing no other exercise.”
“My posture improved and the tension disappeared from my back and neck.”
“I felt totally invigorated and relaxed at the same time.”
“Whoa. Those are some stretches! I feel great.”

Developer Website:

CrystalView™ PhotoPlayer by Aexeda, LLC

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Dwnld iTunes bdg V wht88x48 CrystalView™ PhotoPlayer by Aexeda, LLC

When photographing a scene with a digital camera, both your eyes and the camera sensor see much more color, contrast and other fine detail than the LCD display on mobile devices can typically show. Increasing the backlight brightness only makes the image “brighter” and does nothing to improve overall image quality while draining the battery much more quickly. CrystalView™ PhotoPlayer is an great alternative to your mobile device’s standard photo viewer app and is designed to remedy these problems.

Incorporating CrystalView™ image enhancement technology, PhotoPlayer provides clearer, sharper, more colorful and all together more vibrant images for your viewing pleasure. This app is not a photo editor or a photo flash app and does not alter your original photos in any way while enhancing them for optimum viewing on even the worst or best LCD displays. Best of all, there are no complicated controls. With only one simple setting, CrystalView™ PhotoPlayer automatically displays all your photos as you eyes originally saw them and as your digital camera originally captured them!

Developer Website:

Lottolicious Lite by Electric Nexus, LLC

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Dwnld iTunes bdg V wht88x48 Lottolicious Lite by Electric Nexus, LLC

Lottolicious Lite is the free version of the popular Lottolicious app. Lottolicious is the first Lotto App for your iPhone/iPod Touch to accommodate over 200 Lottery, Lotto, Keno, Card and Astrology games across the United States and Canada. In-App-Linked to official game sites for quick access to winning numbers and game details. Saved draws, selectable animation styles and customizable background images provide a rich and personal user experience.

* Random Draws (Enhanced Randomization)
* Individual Game Details
* Shake or Tap for Quick Redraws
* Selectable Drawing Animations
* Storage of Favorite Draws (per game)
* In-App-Linked to Official Game Websites for Winning Numbers and Details
* Customizable Backgrounds – Provided Images, Colors, Image Library and Camera
* United States and U.S. Territories
* Canadian Provinces

Multi-State Games in the United States:
* 2by2
* Hot Lotto Sizzler
* Mega Millions
* Powerball
* Tri-State Megabucks
* Tri-State Pick 3
* Tri-State Pick 4
* Tri-State Weekly Grand
* Wild Card 2
* Win For Life

Multi-Province Games in Canada:
* Atlantic 49
* KENO Atlantic
* KENO Lottery
* Keno
* Lotto 6/49
* PayDay
* Pick 3
* Pik4
* Western 649

State Games in the United States:
* Arizona (CA$H4, Pick 3, Pick 5, The Pick)
* California (Daily 3, Daily 4, Fantasy 5, SuperLotto Plus)
* Colorado (Cash 5, Lotto, Match Play)
* Connecticut (Cash5, Classic Lotto, Lucky-4-Life, Play3, Play4)
* Delaware (Multi-Win Lotto, Play3, Play4)
* District of Columbia (D.C. Keno, DC Daily 6, DC Lucky Numbers, DC-4, Rolling Cash 5)
* Florida (CA$H 3, Fantasy 5, Florida Lotto, Mega Money, Play 4)
* Georgia (CA$H 3, Ca$h 4, Fantasy 5, KENO!)
* Idaho (Double Play Daily, Pick 3)
* Illinois (Illinois Lottery, Little Lotto, Pick 3, Pick 4)
* Indiana (Daily 3, Daily 4 – Pick 3, Daily 4 – Pick 4, Hoosier Lotto, Lucky 5, Mix & Match, Quick Draw)
* Iowa ($100,000 Cash Game, Pick 3, Pick 4)
* Kansas (Keno, Pick 3, Super Kansas Cash)
* Kentucky (CashBall, Pick 3, Pick 4, Three Line Lotto)
* Louisiana (Easy 5, Louisiana Lottery, Pick 3, Pick 4)
* Maryland (Bonus Match 5, Keno, Multi-Match, Pick 3, Pick 4)
* Massachusetts (Cash Winfall, Mass Cash, Megabucks Doubler, The Numbers Game)
* Michigan (Classic Lotto 47, Daily3, Daily4, Fantasy 5, KENO)
* Minnesota (Daily 3, Gopher 5, Northstar Cash)
* Missouri (Club Keno, Lotto, Lucky Dough, Pick 3, Pick 4, Show Me Cash)
* Montana (Montana Cash)
* Nebraska (MyDaY, Pick 3, Pick 5
* New Jersey (Jersey Cash 5, Pick-3, Pick-4, Pick-6 Lotto)
* New Mexico (Pick 3, Roadrunner Cash)
* New York (LOTTO, Numbers, Pick 10, Quick Draw, Take 5, Win 4, Sweet Million)
* North Carolina (Cash 5, Pick 3, Pick 4)
* Ohio (Classic Lotto, Keno, Pick 3, Pick 4, Rolling Cash 5, Ten-Oh!)
* Oklahoma (Cash 5, Pick 3)
* Oregon (K4, Keno, Luck Lines, Megabucks, Pick 4, Win for Life)
* Pennsylvania (Big 4, Cash 5, Daily Number, Mix & Match, Quinto, Super 7, Treasure Hunt)
* Puerto Rico (Loto, Pega 2, Pega 3, Pega 4, Revancha)
* Rhode Island (Keno, The Numbers Game – 3 Digit, The Numbers Game – 4 Digit, The Numbers Game – Back 3, Wild Money)
* South Carolina (MegaMatch 6, Palmetto Cash 5, Pick 3, Pick 4)
* South Dakota (Dakota Cash)
* Tennessee (Cash 3, Cash 4, Lotto Plus, Pick 5)
* Texas (Cash Five, Daily 4, Lotto Texas, Pick 3, Texas Two Step)
* U.S. Virgin Island (Caribbean Lotto, Doubles, KENO, Pick 3, Pick 4)
* Virginia (Cash 5, Pick 3, Pick 4)
* Washington (Daily Keno, Hit 5, Lotto, Match 4, The Daily Game)
* West Virginia (Cash 25, Daily3, Daily4, Keno Bonus)
* Wisconsin (Badger 5, Megabucks, Pick 3, Pick 4, SuperCash!)

Provincial Games in Canada:
* British Columbia (BC/49, Keno)
* Ontario (Daily Keno, Lottario, Ontario 49, PayDay, Pick 3, Pick 4)
* Quebec (Astro, Banco, Jour de paye, La Quotidienne 3, La Quotidienne 4, Québec 49, Tango)

Developer Website:

Baby Painter by Gnomesoft, LLC

Dwnld iTunes bdg V wht88x48 Baby Painter by Gnomesoft, LLC

The first truly optimized and intuitive interface for a Baby or Toddler to paint with their finger on your iDevice! There is no interface buttons or selections to get in the way. No ads to accidentally click and be taken out of the application.

By far one of the easiest painting app available. Your child can use a single finger or all their fingers, they can have one or more friends draw with them. The color will change with each new line automatically to keep the painting colorful. The size of the line is based on how long they hold their finger down before they start drawing. The size the the line and the color that will be used is shown in a growing circle under each finger. Then when they are ready to start over simply shake the device.

Best of all if they accidentally exit by locking or hitting the home button they only have to go back in and they can start where they left off. When you want to save the picture just take a screen shot by pressing the home and lock buttons at the same time.

Developer Website:

Friend Blend by TigerSand Software, LLC

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Dwnld iTunes bdg V wht88x48 Friend Blend by TigerSand Software, LLC


TigerSand Software, LLC Releases Friend Blend for iPhone/iPod touch

CLEMSON, SC – April 6, 2011 – TigerSand Software, LLC has announced today that their first phone utility app, Friend Blend, is now available for the iPhone and iPod touch. The app is exclusive to these devices. Friend Blend is a productive photo application that allows layer editing to modify a picture with another picture’s elements. It allows a user to put their friend into any picture.

In Friend Blend, a user can simply add another person, pet, or any object to another picture using layer editing. “The key to the Friend Blend is simplicity,” said Matthew Sanders, Managing Member of TigerSand Software. “We wanted to give iPhone users an app that would be useful, enjoyable, but most of all easy to use.” Friend Blend allows users to customize their photos in countless ways, while keeping the interface simple by allowing the user to modify everything with simple gestures.

Friend Blend asks the user to select a photo from either the library or they can take a picture with the camera. This photo acts as the top layer where the user can cut out a hole with their finger, zoom in for a more precise cut, or use an eraser to make a detailed cut. When the user is done they then choose a photo for their under-layer. Once again, they have a choice between either their photo library or their camera. If the user chooses the camera, the camera will contain their top layer as an overlay, allowing the user to line up a perfect shot. Once both photos are selected, the user can now make edits to both photos allowing them to create the perfect picture. There is also a Facebook feature that allows the user to upload their pictures directly to Facebook.

Friend Blend is now available for $1.99 in the United States and is priced accordingly to other regions. Friend Blend is localized for 18 different languages and is available from the App Store.

Matthew Sanders, a student at Clemson University studying Computer Science, established TigerSand Software, LLC in 2011. TigerSand Software was created with the purpose of developing mobile software that is fun, entertaining, and useful to the everyday mobile device user.

If you would like further information on Friend Blend or TigerSand Software, LLC please contact:
Matthew Sanders, MGMR, TigerSand Software, LLC
Phone: (864) 430-3059
[Interviews are always welcome.]

Developer Website:

Boom Boat by Razoric, LLC

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Dwnld iTunes bdg V wht88x48 Boom Boat by Razoric, LLC


We, Razoric LLC, would like to ask you to review our new game “Boom Boat” on your site.

A new oil crisis has crippled the world economy. Oil gushers are appearing on ocean floors around the globe. Your goal, in this physics-based puzzle action game, is to bomb those gushers until the oil stops pouring out into the sea. Equipped with bombs, barrels, concrete and more it is imperative that those gushers are destroyed by any means necessary. Seal the gushers, stop the bad guys, save the world. Boom.

Boom Boat v1.0 Details:
- Tilt controls for movement
- Physics based puzzle gameplay where you blow stuff up, knock objects over and use gravity to your advantage.
- 30 levels with three challenge objectives per level.
- Game Center support: 26 Achievements and a leaderboard keeping track of how much destruction has occurred. Additional achievements will be added through free download content in future updates.
- HD Retina Display for iPhone 4

The Future:
Boom Boat will be supported with free updates that will include (but not be limited to) new episodes, new levels, new weapons, new gameplay modes, improved graphics, OpenFeint support, constant bug fixes and more.


Official Website:

iTunes Link:

We will be glad to provide you promo codes for testing and for running a contest/competition for promo codes on your site.

Rob Foor

Developer Website:

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