App Review: Meteor Blitz by Alley Labs

September 28, 2009 by Rob  
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meteorblitz13 300x200 App Review: Meteor Blitz by Alley Labs Meteor Blitz by Alley Labs is a fast paced shooter game that is a must have for all those that enjoy shooter style games. You’re a ship in space doing all you can to avoid and shoot meteors as they come into your plane. Meteors can come into the screen anywhere, even where you currently are, so be alert and keep shooting. Oh, and watch out for the enemies that will come right at you when they appear too.

I first started playing Meteor Blitz just a few days ago and I have to tell you, I’ve been enjoying it. I purchased the game on a hunch, believing that it would provide a fast-paced, action style game play and I was right. It currently is my favorite shooter game installed on my iPhone.

When you first launch the game you are you select “Play” from the menu. You are given the choice of Arcade or Survival game play modes. If this is your first time in the game you are also put into an excellent tutorial that teaches you how to maneuver your ship and fire the various weapons that you have. The Tutorial is well worth the time, so don’t pass on it. Arcade style games give you your typical game progression with various worlds that you can unlock as you play. Survival mode is just that, to see how long you can survive against every type of enemy that the game has. For a quick game, Survival mode works well, however if you have a bit more time to kill then Arcade is very rewarding.

To unlock a new world on Arcade mode you must successfully complete 5 levels in the current world. The levels get hard pretty quick and it will likely take you a number of tries to get the next world unlocked. However, it can be done, remember the various weapons and use them appropriately.

Game play is excellent. Meteors and enemies appear near you or even on you (move!) and you immediately need to react. Different types of weapons are more effective against different types of meteors, pay attention to the tutorial as this will come in handy. Occasionally, enemies will appear near you as well, they charge at you if you are within their sites so shoot fast and move to avoid them. Occasionally there are “bonus” ships that you can shoot and they will give up a ring that will either restore your shield, give you a new life, slow down game play, allow you to collect rings eaiser or give you a bomb. Use the bombs to destroy everything within the vicinity (shake the device to activate bombs).  Rings are essential to buy upgrades to your weapons and ship. Collect as many rings as you can so that you can afford the upgrades that you want and need.

Controls are also superb. Using two virtual joystick pads for your thumbs. One joystick pad (left side) controls the ship and it’s direction of movement. The other (right) controls your weapons and the direction in which you fire. So, you can be traveling in one direction while shooting in the other. If you’re familiar with Mini Gore, it’s the same concept. You also have buttons to change weapons.

As you can tell, I’ve really enjoyed playing Meteor Blitz. It’s a well done, shooter game that anyone will enjoy – if you like shooters. However, it’s not exactly perfect in every way. Releasing both controls (lifting thumbs off the screen) will activate a pause. This isn’t all bad, but took some getting used to – It’s also configurable. The one action that kept getting me, which is the most annoying, is that tapping the screen activates hyper-speed. So, if you tend to lift your thumb (which I do) to stop traveling or hold still, then if you do this too quickly you’ll all of a sudden be in hyper-speed mode flying across the screen. Needs to be something different for this function (another button?).

In all, Meteor Blitz is a fun, shooter game that I’ve been playing pretty much non-stop since I got it. If you like shooters, take a hard look at Meteor Blitz.


  1. Take your time with the tutorial, it will help you to understand the different types of weapons and when to use them.  The tutorial will take you all of 3 minutes to complete, so it’s pretty quick.
  2. Careful when tapping the screen with your left thumb, you’ll likely activate the hyper-speed function of your ship by accident.
  3. Find and destroy the bonus ships, then collect the ring that is left behind for a nice perk.  Continue to collect other rings left behind from meteors and other enemies.  The rings are what you use to buy upgrades, so you want as many as you can collect.
  4. For the first 5 levels you should only upgrade the cannon.  Fire and Ice will help later.

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