Meteor – Brick Breaker by Mobile Stream

February 25, 2009 by Dorothy  
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Meteor is a game that draws upon elements of many other games that we have all played before.  The combination of them yields an amusing result.  The setting is space and you are in your space ship.  Like most other brick-breaking games, the object is to destroy all of the bricks on the screen to move on to the next level.  To destroy the bricks, you launch a ball at them and keep it in play by hitting it off your ship’s rounded deflector.  The contour of the deflector actually helps you to have more control over the ball than in some other brick-breaking games.  That is just the beginning of the game, though.

Just in case breaking the bricks is not enough of a challenge, some levels add space ships that try to get in your way.  Some of which actually shoot at you, which can make hitting the ball impossible.  In playing the game, I have often found myself choosing between missing the ball and losing a life or trying to hit the ball and getting hit by the ship’s missile in the process and losing a life.  To aid you in your progress, there are several bonuses that fall out of some of the bricks.  These bonuses can change the speed of the ball, the power of the ball, the number of balls, and the size of your ships deflectors.  You can also get guns/missiles from one of these bonuses, which allow you to speed up your progress by shooting bricks and enemy ships.  Be careful not to miss the ball while you are shooting, though.  You will lose your missiles when you do.  Also, you cannot carry them to the next level when the one you are on is complete.

meteor2 200x300 Meteor   Brick Breaker by Mobile Streammeteor3 200x300 Meteor   Brick Breaker by Mobile Stream

To add to this challenge, there are several different types of bricks.  Some are harder to destroy than others and some cannot be destroyed at all.  They just get in the way of you hitting the others.  The controls are simple enough.  There is a slider bar at the bottom of the screen with which you can move your ship from side to side and if you touch the screen above the slider bar it fires the ball or the guns on your ship.  The difficulty comes in paying attention to and controlling so many things at the same time.  There are plenty of levels to keep you busy playing for some time, and you can pause a game and come back to it later.  This game is good entertainment for all ages.

Meteor is $2.99 in the iTunes App Store.  There is also a free version.

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