Sleep Hygiene by SchlauchApps

September 8, 2009 by Rob  
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Do you often feel tired? How long and how well did you sleep a week ago last Monday? You don’t know?
Sleep-hygiene helps you to maintain good sleeping habits and to manage your bedtimes. Do you want to get up the exact moment that is most suited for your body? With Sleep-hygiene you learn how to set your alarm clock not to awake you out of deep sleep. Based on your past sleeping data you can look up your most favored bedtimes, your overall sleeping quality and your sleeping durations. As a result you’ll get the most promising fields of improvement for your personal sleep hygiene. Are you disciplined with the constancy of your bedtimes? Do your bedtimes fit your biorythm? Are you taking too many naps? Sleep-hygiene tells you the answers.

It’s simple: Every time you go to bed, tap “Sleep”. The program will suggest to you the best times to awake according to your personal circadian rhythm. Then turn the iPhone off and sleep. When you wake up, tap “Wake up” and give a feedback of how fresh you are feeling. This data will be saved and displayed in the “Review”-section. There you can also manually add and delete naps.

In the “GetBetter” – section you’ll find several statistics based on your sleeping data that will help you improve your sleeping quality. Also included are general sleep hygiene tips. From now on, you can start fresh into every day – with Sleep-hygiene.

Developer Website:

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GrabTheMoney by Michael Schlauch

September 3, 2009 by Rob  
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Dwnld iTunes bdg V wht88x48 GrabTheMoney by Michael Schlauch

Do you like counting money? Have you ever dreamed of your own Money Bin a la Scrooge McDuck? Or of a purse that never ends spitting out coins of all sorts? Here is your virtual fountain of gold. Everytime you feel down or bored you can start GrabTheMoney and take a bath in your own moneyland. All you have to do is to put the coins to their right places. There are many different currencies to choose from, including Euro, US dollar, Japanese yen and the British pound sterling. Also if you’re bored try some of the more challenging levels of difficulty. Realistic mud. Ancient coins. Mystery fields. Even cheats are included. For endless joy with infinite coins.

Developer Website:

10006 screenshot1rrr GrabTheMoney by Michael Schlauch10006 screenshot2rrr GrabTheMoney by Michael Schlauch

TypeFast – typing tutor by Michael Schlauch

September 2, 2009 by Rob  
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Dwnld iTunes bdg V wht88x48 TypeFast   typing tutor by Michael Schlauch

What is one of the biggest challenges of every fresh iPhone/IPodTouch user? Right, typing on a virtual keyboard at an acceptable pace. TypeFast aims to solve this problem. It teaches your fingers how to type quickly.
Retype any text – your own or preinstalled exercises – and concentrate on the most important keys of the standard – “Qwerty” – keyboard. Use both your thumbs or any other finger and see how fast and accurate your typing is.
With the next needed key highlighted you don’t need to worry about searching letters. As a consequence you easily increase your learning curve.

The exercises include arrangements of the 200 most common words, literary and historic works, and even the last wrong typed letters. That makes it possible to learn from your faults. A little practise and…one day you will suddenly notice your fingers autonomously wander to the right places. That leaves more time for you to check your emails, pursue your hobby, earn money or just to relax with your friends. Simply get TypeFast.

Developer Website:

10003 innerapp TypeFast   typing tutor by Michael Schlauch10003 optionmenu TypeFast   typing tutor by Michael Schlauch

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