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    AT&T Rolls Out MMS on iPhone Today (9/25)

    September 25, 2009 by Rob  
    Filed under AT&T, Apple, News, Tips and How-To's

    att mms alert2 200x300 AT&T Rolls Out MMS on iPhone Today (9/25)If you haven’t seen the free text yet, then check your phone.  AT&T is rolling out MMS (multimedia messaging) on their network today for iPhone.

    This is a long awaited feature, one that many users have been quick to point out should have been included with the original iPhone launched in 2007.  Here we are more than two years later and the iPhone is just now getting the ability to send mms like many phones have been able to do for years.  However, AT&T is not the only one at fault here.

    Apple did not include MMS functionality in the iPhone until it’s latest 3.0 firmware update.  This update didn’t hit iPhones until June of this year.  So while we had to wait for Apple to include the core functionality, AT&T was not ready for it either.  Unlike (nearly) every other carrier that was ready for mms, and rolled it out simultaneously with OS 3.0, AT&T chose not to enable the function until today.  Their reason? network bandwidth.  Apparently they are bracing themselves for an onslaught of MMS texts coming from the iPhone.

    At any rate, it’s here.  Go get your carrier update file by simply connecting your iPhone to your computer with iTunes running.  The update is painless and takes less than 5 seconds to complete.  Then, voila! you’re off to a happy ending with MMS.

    AT&T Explains Smartphone Growth and Impact to Network

    September 5, 2009 by Rob  
    Filed under News, Tips and How-To's

    We recently posted about the AT&T MMS announcement (MMS is coming September 25th).  Well, AT&T is now attempting to educate the masses on the complexities and difficulties of keeping up with Today’s smartphones (read: iPhone) in a YouTube video posted today.

    Seth, the AT&T spokes person in the video, explains that AT&T has invested $38 BILLION into their network over the past two years.  Most of that focus is in expanding the 3G 850mhz bandwidth and capacity. $38 Billion? Really?

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