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App Review: Mosaica by Dapper Vision Inc.

August 2, 2009 by Rob  
Filed under Daily App Reviews, Photography, Utility

p 480 320 314c9521 0565 4bac b215 61634dad26fc 100x150 App Review: Mosaica by Dapper Vision Inc.Mosaica by Dapper Vision Inc allows you to take pictures of a scene and turn them into a mosaic.  A mosaic, since you’re wondering, is similar to a panorama except for a few major differences.  In a mosaic, the pictures are not stitched together to make a bigger image.  Instead, they are overlaid, where they overlap, and are then presented in an interactive manner in which the viewer can navigate the series of images.  Mosaica for iPhone brings mosaic imaging and building to your iPhone and allows you to share them on  The app also allows you to view other shared mosaics from the same website.

I recently took the app on a test run in our neighborhood and made a couple of mosaics.  The app performed as I would have expected and allowed me to easily make the mosaics, upload them to and share them.  I was also able to easily view mosaics from other users, which was much more fun than making a mosaic.

To create your mosaic, assuming you’ve already found an interesting subject, you simply start the app, select My Mosaics then new and touch the camera icon on the bottom of the screen.  Take your first image, touch use in the bottom right and while it is processing the image touch the camera icon to take another image.  Repeat the steps as many times as you would like to add more images to the mosaic.  As soon as you’ve taken an image the app will start processing it against the other images taken, but don’t worry, just keep taking more images.

In reality, the app is fairly simple, so there’s really not that much to write about.  If you enjoy panoramas or mosaics or even just some cool imaging effects, then Mosaica by Dapper Vision is a must have app.  I find myself on occasion starting up the app just to check out the current popular mosaics as I find it kinda fun and interesting to see what others have created.  There’s also currently no reason not to get this app since it recently dropped to Free on the iTunes App Store.

Mosaica Tips

  1. To toggle between edit and view mode just remember: portrait mode (phone is vertical) is edit while landscape mode is view.  This took some getting used to in order to get the controls back.  If you’ve lost the controls, turn the phone vertical.
  2. Adding pictures to a mosaic is a bit confusing.  The trick is to just keep pressing the camera icon after each photo (regardless of the fact the app looks like it’s busy) and keep taking and adding pics.
  3. Remember, this is not a panorama.  Mosaics are intereactive and my contain several overlapping images that can be the center of attention in your mosaic.
  4. When creating your mosaic overlap your pictures buy big amounts.  If your pics just overlap by a bit (say 20%) then your mosaic can be a little boring.  The better mosaics have several images that overlap by more than half.
  5. Now that you have your first creative mosaic, share it.  Mosaica adds its own URL shortner that you can use as a unique link to your mosaic.  Twitter anyone?

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