App Review: Pinball HD by OOO Gameprom (for iPad)

June 16, 2010 by Rob  
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Truth be told, I couldn’t get into Pinball for the iPhone, I just didn’t think that the small screen would lend itself to the game. It also doesn’t help much that I’ve never really been a fan of real pinball so I saw little need to take the plunge in the digital form. However, I have recently picked up Pinball HD for iPad by OOO Gameprom and have been playing it for a while and you know what? It’s actually pretty cool. Read more

App Review: Wild West Pinball by OOO Gameprom

April 30, 2009 by Jeff  
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wildwestpinball1 150x150 App Review: Wild West Pinball by OOO GamepromWild West Pinball by OOO Gameprom is a really sweet way to take a pinball machine with you everywhere. This game has extremely easy controls. All you have to do is tap on the right of the screen for the right flipper and the left for the left flipper. If you want to bump the table, all you need to do is shake your iPod/iPhone.

There are several things that are unique to this table. One of these things is that it is all laid out in a wild western setting. You can shoot the ball onto the train tracks, through Indian territory, and even through the town bank.

You can view the top scores by swiping your finger to the right when you are not playing The high scores will show the top 15 scores of all time. After you complete a game, you can upload your high score to this score board.

This game really is great for all pinball fans.  However, it can get a little boring over time because there is only one table. Aside from that, this game is awesome. It has very good graphics, physics, and is really cool camera effects.

Wild West Pinball is available in the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

img 0393 200x300 App Review: Wild West Pinball by OOO Gamepromimg 0396 200x300 App Review: Wild West Pinball by OOO Gameprom

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