App Review: PipeLand by SnT Apps

February 28, 2012 by Dorothy  
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I grew up playing a card game called Pipe Works where the object of the game was to build a pipe from the spigot to the spout to deliver water.  So, when I saw the app, PipeLand, I thought that it might be a similar game that I would enjoy playing.  Once I downloaded and started playing the game, I found that it was not very much like what I had expected it to be.

Yes, the object of the game is still to build pipelines to deliver water, but it is much more complex than that simple idea. PipeLand4 300x200 App Review: PipeLand by SnT AppsThere are four modes of play.  They are Quick, Campaign, Survival, and Custom.  I started with Quick because I tend to shy away from games that drag on for a long time.  What I found truly was a quick game.  You are given a defined area of land within which to work.  You must get the water from one spot to another, sometimes even two different places.  The pipes that you can use are on the left side of the screen.  The tricky part is that you have to use them in the order that they appear from top to bottom.  It kinda reminded me of Tetris in that way.

I quickly started building my pipeline.  Then, the water came.  The game gives you a short head start and then the water starts flowing through the pipes.  Before I knew it, water was spilling out of the pipes into the field.  Because you have no control over the pieces of pipe offered to you or the water itself, this game is extremely challenging.  The saving grace is that you can lay a pipe over one of the existing pipes, destroying the previous pipe.  Unfortunately, destroying a pipe will cost you points.  I played over and over, failing each time.  I couldn’t seem to stay ahead of it all.

PipeLand17 300x200 App Review: PipeLand by SnT AppsSo, I gave up on Quick mode and moved on to Campaign mode.  Boy was I glad I did.  I was immediately given I tutorial.  The tutorial explained a lot of things and gave me a better handle on the game itself.  It explains what you need to do and gives you hints to help you manage the difficult task that I had yet to master.  That having been said, there are more complexities to Campaign mode.  Some of these extra features can be helpful, though.  Now you not only have the pipes on the left side of the screen, but you can buy pipes with the money you earn that can be used at any time.  In Campaign mode you still face the challenges of Quick mode, but I found that with some work I could now complete some of the levels.

I didn’t spend much time playing Survival mode because I couldn’t survive very long.  It is much like quick mode, but your work space is larger and the goal is to survive as long as possible.  In my case, that’s not very long.  In Custom mode, you get to choose some of the parameters of your game such as the size of the board and the type of environment in which you are working. I all other ways, it seemed to be like Quick mode.

Overall, I would say that PipeLand has some great features.  I would love to see the game move at a slower pace or have the option to play it at easy, medium, and hard levels.  I think these changes would open up the game to a much wider audience.  As it is, get yourself geared up for a fast-paced puzzle that will leave you hanging out to dry.

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