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Get ready to build the ultimate mall! Today, PlayFirst is launching Mall Stars, a freemium strategy game for iPhone and iPad.

In Mall Stars, players build and customize their malls to cater to larger-than-life VIP customers, the ‘Stars’. Each Star has his or her own favorite products and attractions. By filling their malls with must-have products and attractions, players excite the Stars into frantically fun Shopping Frenzies and earn special bonuses.

According to our CEO, Marco DeMiroz, “Mall Stars is at the forefront of a new wave of immersive freemium-strategy games coming to the mobile market. These games redefine the strategy game mechanics by adding layers of immersive game play in multiple dimensions to inspire longer and more engaging play sessions.”

Mall Stars launches with an initial set of ten Stars with fun animations and back-stories. The Stars include: Cathy Cashian, a reality show starlet who adores the latest fashions at the Louie Baton boutique; Duncan Hoops, a iconic sports legend, who shops at Sports-a-Holic for his favorite products, and more! You view the trailer here:

The official press release is here:

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App Review: Cooking Dash by PlayFirst, Inc.

September 5, 2009 by Dorothy  
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cookingdash5 150x150 App Review: Cooking Dash by PlayFirst, Inc.Time management apps seem to be making quite a mark on the iPhone app market.  There have been several popular and very successful ones to hit the iTunes App Store.  Cooking Dash by PlayFirst, Inc., now one of the top ten best selling apps, is another great game in this genre.  It is fun to play and highly addictive.  In this game, you become the head cook for a diner, filling in for another chef.  Cooking food and keeping customers happy is sure to keep you on your toes.  Serve your customers as quickly as possible.  Fast, accurate service equals happy customers, and happy customers equal more money for you.  Customers that get too upset will leave.  Lose too many customers in one day and there is no way that you will meet your quota for the day and win the level.

As in many other time management apps, the controls are simple.  When a customer enters the diner, touch and drag them to a seat.  Match the color of the customer to the color of the seat for a bonus.  The more times in a row that you match the color, the bigger the bonus gets.

After you have seated a customer at the counter, they will look at the menu and decide what they want.  The food that they decide to order appears in a thought bubble.  You must find the corresponding items in the kitchen.  Many of the items have to be prepared or cooked.  To cook an item, grab it and place it in the proper appliance.  When the food is done cooking, the timer turns green.  You must then grab the food before it starts to burn.  You get a bonus for serving food that is perfectly cooked.  When you have the correct food items on a plate, the thought balloon for the customer will light up.  This function serves to help you find the right customer to deliver the food too, as well as reassuring you that you got the order correct.  If the bubble does not light up like you think it should, you may have messed up the order.  Wrong orders can be disposed of in the trash bin.  However, you will be penalized for wasted food.

When the customer has finished eating, tap on them to cash them out.  Then, collect their dirty dishes and deposit them in the bin.  You cannot sit another customer in their spot at the counter until the dishes have been cleared.  If you don’t move fast enough in your service, customers will begin to stack up.  It is important to prioritize tasks and perform them in an efficient order to keep customers moving.  A good way to rack up points is to perform the same task more than one time in a row.  This will earn you chain bonuses.

At the end of each level, you can use the money that you have earned to upgrade the look or functionality of your kitchen.  I would highly recommend first buying those upgrades that will help you serve customers more quickly, as that is the name of the game.  There are many unique types of customers and they all want something different.  Some are more patient and tolerant of noise.  Others want peace and quiet while they eat.  The more you can be aware of that, the better you will do.

The only difficulty I ran into with Cooking Dash was that when I moved onto the second stage, things got a lot more difficult.  Yet, because I was working in a new diner, I lost all the upgrades that I had previously bought for the first diner.  Without these upgrades, winning levels proved a lot more difficult than before.  It would be nice to be able to carry a few things forward to help you with the more difficult tasks.  Overall, Cooking Dash is a great game.  It is sure to be a hit with a wide audience.

Developer’s Website:

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