App Review: Mr Aahh! by Ponos Corp.

September 15, 2009 by Rob  
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mraahh3 300x200 App Review: Mr Aahh! by Ponos Corp.Every once in a while there’s a game that is pretty mindless and repetitive, yet somewhat addicting. If there was a poster child (err, app) for that description then Mr. Aahh! is it. I bought this app a few days ago and since then have been playing it off and on. So what is the draw to such a simple game? Why are there so many people ranting and raving about this seemingly redundant app?

Sure, there’s a lot of people out there that seemingly do enjoy this game but I’m not one of them. The whole premise of the game is that you are Mr. Aahh, the huge-headed figure in the game and you swing on ropes from one column to the next. The idea is to let go (tap the screen) at the right moment to land Mr. Aahh in the center of the next column. That’s it. Your only action is to tap the screen at the right moment. If you land in the center of the next column you get more points, however missing the column altogether causes you to lose a life (you have three).

The game is made slightly more difficult by the introduction of both changing gravity and wind speed/direction. So you need to adjust for these factors while you’re playing. However, they’re usually pretty minor adjustments and most times I didn’t notice much of a change.

If you’re getting the sense of a lack of excitement in this post, then you’ll also get the feel of the game. There’s really not much to it and definitely not much excitement. However, if you like swinging from ropes, or even liked the game rope’n'fly then you can’t go wrong here. Otherwise, you may be better off saving your dollar for something else.

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