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App Review: Derek Jeter Real Baseball by Gameloft Sports

November 2, 2009 by Rob  
Filed under Daily App Reviews, Games

real baseball4 300x200 App Review: Derek Jeter Real Baseball by Gameloft SportsWith the World Series on TV nearly every other night there’s no wonder that Derek Jeter Real Baseball by Gameloft Sports is climbing the charts so quickly (the price drop to $.99 definitely helps too). We’ve been playing the game and if you’re a baseball fan or a sports game fan at all then you’ll love this one too.

When you first launch the game you have to sit through a fairly lengthy intro. I’m not a fan of these lengthy intros but they are becoming more typical of the big name games. However, once you’re into the game you have a choice of game modes. Quick game is where I’ve spent most of my time, since it allows you to kick off a game and get right into it. Other game modes include Season, Playoffs and Home Run Contest. Under Season you would play 14 games with three innings each. These settings are all configurable including the difficulty. Home Run Contest is just like it sounds, you hit as many HR’s as possible and then you are ranked against other players.

Typical with the “Real” sports games from Gameloft, the graphics are excellent and gameplay is fun and interesting. When you are the batter, all you have to do is time your swing right and you’ll hit the ball. However, this timing is tricky and takes several attempts the first time to get it right and hit the ball. If you hit it just right, you can knock it out of the park. When you are the pitcher, your job is not nearly as easy as simply timing your swing to hit the ball. In fact, to pitch a ball requires a multi-step process. First, you select your pitch type between “FB,” “SLI,” “SC,” and “SRV” by using a virtual joystick. Then you must setup your aim by using the accelerometer of your device and center a floating dot in the “box,” after three seconds the aiming times out and is set (so be steady and aim quick). Then you must tap on the screen to set the strength of your pitch (think golf strength meter and timing your screen tap at the right moment). Lastly, you must get your accuracy perfect in order to pull of the perfect pitch. To have an accurate pitch, you must time another screen tap when the accuracy needle is in the right spot on the accuracy meter (make sense? good!). After that, you’re pitch is away however, don’t be surprised if the computer is better at hitting your pitches then you were at hitting theirs.

Controlling the batter and the pitcher is not all that you do. If your team is pitching you must also decide where to (base) throw the ball when it’s caught or picket up. Be fast in your selection because your opponents are running towards home base. Selecting the wrong base to throw to could easily allow your opponent to get a runner into home. However, pulling off multiple outs on a quick series of throws is totally possible, and awesome when you can do it.

Derek Jeter Real Baseball is a great game for all baseball fans or sports game fans. Here at we’ve been enjoying it for a while and would recommend it to any sports fans.

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