App Review: Sky Smash 1918 by Richard Wilson

October 8, 2009 by Rob  
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sky smash5 200x300 App Review: Sky Smash 1918 by Richard WilsonSky Smash 1918 by Richard Wilson is a vertical scrolling shooter game. I started playing Sky Smash a couple of days ago and found the game to be fun and entertaining, taking on the enemy in 1918 during WWI. Shooting planes, tanks, and other enemies that are all out to get you.

Sky Smash 1918 is a airplane, flying shooter game set in 1918 during WWI. You fly along, shoot down the enemy airplanes, take out enemy tanks and gun turrets and pretty much destroy everything in your wake – if you can. However, you are usually under heavy attack, dodging enemy fire and flying around enemy craft so that you don’t crash and burn.

As you fly along and shoot down the enemy, some of them leave power ups in the air and other goodies that you can pickup (simply fly over them). Some give you strength, while others give you a bigger gun on your airplane or a bounce bomb (it bounces, then boom!). If you want to survive in this hostile world, you will need to get the power ups, otherwise you will face certain death.

Controlling your in-air coffin (ahem, your airplane) is simple: just drag your finger on the screen. Don’t worry about firing, that is done for you. If you have a bomb or bounce bomb you can let it go at any time, however I strongly recommend you hang on to it until the “big boss” at the end of the level. You must kill the boss at the end of each level in order to move onto the next level. Otherwise, you will have to start the current level over again, from the start.

There are nine levels to advance through. Each offers about 5 minutes of game play (providing you don’t die and have to start over). Once you pass a level, you can just select it next time you enter the game, no need to start from the very beginning. Speaking on levels, this is our major complaint with this game (actually, it’s our only complaint with the game). There’s only nine levels, that’s it. So finishing the game does not take very long and you’re done. There should be many more levels and hopefully Richard Wilson and his friends will add more. So for now, just know that you will likely finish the game in one sitting.

We found Sky Smash 1918 to be a fun and enjoyable game. Graphics were great, game play was fun and exciting and once you start you will not want to put it down. We recommend Sky Smash 1918 to anyone that enjoys the classic arcade style vertical scrolling shooter games, or to anyone who just like shooter games!! The one drawback is that the game will leave you wanting more… (but is that really a drawback?).

What we liked: Great graphics and excellent game play. A great take on the vertical scrolling shooter.
What we didn’t like: Game is short with only nine (9) levels.

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