ScriptoQuoth – A biblical crytogram game by Thinknao Software

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ScriptoQuoth is a word puzzle game based on Scripture. Fill in missing letters to decrypt a verse. “Pass the Word” by sending your favorites to friends and family.

_nd Jesus s_id unto him, Re_eive th sig_t: th_ f_ith h_t_ s_ved t_ee.
Luke 18:42

The game gets tougher as you advance “ fewer clues, fewer mistakes accepted “ but don’t despair, the more you play the better you’ll get and the more rewards (virtual and spiritual) you’ll accrue.

V_r_ly, v_r_ly, _ say u_to you, He that bel_eveth o_ me hath everla_t_ng l_fe.
John 6:47

One last thing reminder: Whenever you discover a passage that you find amazing you can instantly share it with friends via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or E-mail.

Y_ s_all kn_w t__ tr_t_, and t__ tr_t_ s_all make y_u fr__.
John 8:32

Here are some key features of ScriptoQuoth:

> Select one letter and all of the same letter are also selected

> Whether your native English is American or the Queen’s, you can play using the dictionary spelling you prefer

> Modify the screen size to see the entire quote, or play the level a few words at a time

> Forward quotes to your friends or favorite great quotes in the game for a future pick me up.

> Over 2 days of non-stop game play; topics for faith, discipline and love

> Rankings – From Heathen to Bible Thumper to God-Favored icon smile ScriptoQuoth   A biblical crytogram game   by Thinknao Software (>1M points required)

> Difficulty “ free levels for the average enthusiast, hard and expert puzzles for the cryptogram crazies among us

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