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    Shooter: The Official Movie Game – takes a shot at the others

    February 21, 2009 by Jeff  
    Filed under Daily App Reviews, Games

    photo 19 150x100 Shooter: The Official Movie Game   takes a shot at the othersWith other sniper based games already in the app store, Shooter comes out and takes a shot at them all.  Shooter is a new movie based sniper game by Paramount Digital Entertainment and is probably the best first person shooter style game for the iPhone today. As the sniper, you start each level with a mission briefing. From there you pick your weapon and what attachments you want on it. Then you proceed to the mission site and are ready to begin.

    Bob Lee Swagger was accused of attempting to assassinate the President of the United States. Now he is trying to earn back his reputation and clear his name by completing dangerous tasks and taking out his enemies.

    To start out the level you go into binocular view and follow the indicators to the set location. Once you have found the location, you then press a button that will bring out your gun and zoom into the enemies. From there you try to eliminate all of the enemies as quickly as possible. To steady your gun for a limited time, you can press a button to hold your breath. To reload your gun, just slide the bar located in the bottom right of the screen. Your health indicator is on the right side of your scope. If your health gauge hits the bottom then you fail the mission, and have to restart from the beginning of the mission. There are two modes, story mode and arcade mode.

    In story mode, there are 30 detailed missions with fantastic graphics and moveability. The level terrains include the desert, the city, the forest, the mountain, and the snow. Besides just sniping enemies, you also defuse mines, and even destroy heavy artillery such as military jeeps. There are even nighttime missions that are played using night vision. As you get farther in the game there gets to be bosses. Each time you defeat a boss you get a reward or medal.
    photo 21 300x200 Shooter: The Official Movie Game   takes a shot at the othersphoto 20 300x200 Shooter: The Official Movie Game   takes a shot at the others
    In arcade mode, you can skip the story line and immediately play your favorite levels. Before the arcade mode becomes available, you must complete the story mode for the level that you wish to play. In the arcade mode there are also two training levels to help you become more accurate in your shooting. This mode is perfect for those times when you just have a couple of minutes to experience some real fun.

    If you like first person shooters, or the sniper based games already then you’ll love Shooter.

    Shooter is $1.99 in the iTunes App Store.
    2228 300x200 Shooter: The Official Movie Game   takes a shot at the others2229 300x200 Shooter: The Official Movie Game   takes a shot at the others

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