iPhoneCommunity rebrands as AppChatter.com

March 16, 2009 by Rob  
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As if there are not enough app-something-dot-com websites out there already, we had to go and add another to the mix. Well, when your focus is app reviews and news and Apple doesn’t like you using “iPhone” in the URL and every-other-dot-com is already taken, we decided to join the rest of the club and go AppChatter. Think of it like a site that chats a lot about apps, which is what we do.. discuss apps that is. So, starting on Monday, March 16th iPhoneCommunity.org will rebrand as AppChatter.com (hey, it’s a dot-com this time!).

As you can tell, the new logo is already in place – so the change will be small. Anyone already linking to iPhoneCommunity.org is asked to update their links to the new domain: appchatter.com. However, those that still link to iphonecommunity.org will get redirected to the new domain. Relinking to the new domain is more for our benefit (link juice, anyone?) that it is for yours, and in this tight competition that app reviews is we need all the link love we can get!

Since there’s only a couple of us that work on the site directly, please let me know if you find any issues.

iPhoneCommunity Gets a New Look!

March 6, 2009 by Rob  
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We’ve been busy around here at iPhone Community lately.  As you can see our awesome new design is now up and running. Hopefully this new makeover will help to solidify our position in the app review and promotion space as we strive and work to be an authority website for quality reviews to help app consumers in their buying decisions and  for app developers in their need for exposure.

This is our commitment to continue providing high-quality app reviews that our readers have come to expect from us.  We work hard in this space and dedicate a lot of time to ensure our reviews are of the highest quality and so we felt that our site design had to also reflect this dedication.  We hope you as a reader, and a developer, continue to come back to visit us many more times.

Tell us what you think about the redesign, please post feedback in the comments…


newlook 300x150 iPhoneCommunity Gets a New Look!

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