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Sloppyville Beer Goggles by Schwa Techno Solutions

Dwnld iTunes bdg V wht88x48 Sloppyville Beer Goggles by Schwa Techno Solutions

This application makes the user get the experience of feeling drunk!

It is a great educational tool to show people what it is like to be drunk and how vision becomes impaired while intoxicated.

- Drunkness Scale: Change the amount of alcohol that you have had
- Take a snapshot: Now you CAN take a picture of what you see when your drunk
- Experience being blackout
- You can even make yourself feel sick!

Do you ever remember wearing beer goggles in your high school health class? Well today you can relive that experience.

Feel what it is like to walk around drunk anytime, without any liquor!

As you walk around, be careful because you will walk like you just had a few to many.

This application makes adaptations to the video from the camera on the back of the iPhone to make users feel drunk!

Just be careful and make sure you are in an open space with someone there to make sure you don’t hurt yourself. Objects may appear closer or farther than they actually are (and blurrier), so be careful.

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