App Review: Space Ace by Dragon’s Lair LLC

June 15, 2009 by Bret  
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spaceace7 150x150 App Review: Space Ace by Dragons Lair LLCSpace Ace by Dragon’s Lair LLC is a time machine to those days when you were young with a few quarters and an arcade machine. The joy and excitement of a great game and the satisfaction of annihilating our friends’ scores was endless. Evil Commander Borf is trying to take over the world. You are the heroic Ace who must stop Commander Borf and save Kimberly who was taken prisoner. In trying to defeat Commander Borf, you are hit with the Infantro gun and are turned into child.

This game is different from most other games because rather than move anywhere you’d like, you must quickly react to flashing objects indicating which way you should go. There are four movement arrows and a circular button used to fire your gun, and energize. Energizing makes you grow to temporarily make you strong. At some points in the game you must guide your ship and even fight face to face with Commander Borf. In the easiest difficulty, the arrows will flash when you are supposed to click them. This may seem very easy, but takes good reaction time. In the two harder difficulties, you must look at blinking objects and events occurring to know where to go.

The graphics to this game are phenomenal, and the game-play works great with the iPhone. Each time you are too slow, you lose a life. When you run out of lives, your high-score is saved. Although the high scores are not online, you can compete with friends on the same iPod. The quicker your reaction times are and the more lives you have at the end, the more points you get. In the settings mode you can change lives to unlimited so that you will never run out of continues. You can simply play until you are finished. This game was very well polished, and seemingly very close to the original. I definitely recommend this game. So grab your iPod and help Ace save the world from becoming babies.

Space Ace is $4.99 in the iTunes App Store.

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