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    The Creeps: Not just another tower defense game.

    February 23, 2009 by Jeff  
    Filed under Daily App Reviews, Games

    22223 150x100 The Creeps: Not just another tower defense game.The Creeps by Super Squawk Software is a fast-paced, hands-on tower defense game. The object is to keep the monsters from getting into your bed. The monsters come out of a vortex in the closet and try to make it to the bed at the other end of the path. There are 16 different levels in this game, each offering a different challenge. Each level has a different path the monsters follow. Depending on what level you are on, there will be different towers available for you to attack the monsters with, and a different number of waves of attacks. The number of attack waves can vary between 20 and 60. Each wave consists of about 10 monsters. At the end of every tenth wave, a new boss exits from the closet. The bosses are bigger and have more life, making them much harder to defeat.

    There are four basic towers you can use in this game. A laser gun, a bottle of glue, a boomerang, and a flashlight. Each of these can be upgraded to be faster, more powerful, and have a longer range. The Creeps also offers some very cool towers that use the accelerometer controls.  These towers include: oil, spider, tornado, and UFO. When using the oil tower, you can make the monsters slow down by tilting your iPhone/iPod the way in which you would like the monsters to slip. You can use the spider to put a web around the monsters feet, this will slow them down until the web wears off. The tornado allows you to pick up the monsters and place them anywhere on the track you want.  The UFO will take a large portion of the monsters life away when it is placed over the creep’s heads. All of these are very useful but after using them they take several stages to recharge.

    Like any tower defense game, The Creeps is great for killing time.  However, The Creeps sets itself apart from the others in use of the accelerometer and its unique style.

    The Creeps is available on the iTunes App store for $0.99

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