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There’s nothing you can’t get creative with anymore. Presenting TileDeck 2.0 – a unique pattern designing platform that lets you customize absolutely anything, just the way you want it. So be it wallpapers, e-cards, digital artworks or even fabrics – go ahead and design it yourself with TileDeck.

++ A boon for designers! ++
TileDeck 2.0 lets you create patterns in minutes! Just design the basic tile unit the way you want and the app will create a unique pattern out of it, every single time. And once you are done, you can even print your patterns out on anything you fancy!

++ On what all can I print my pattern? ++
TileDeck 2.0 lets you download your pattern as vector pdfs, which are compatible with professional designing tools. These vector pdfs let you scale your pattern to any size and print on whatever you like – mugs, cushions, curtains, laptop & tablet skins, real wallpapers… your options are endless!

++ Your imagination doesn’t work on templates. So why should your designs? ++
TileDeck 2.0 recreates the way you draw on paper on your touchscreen. So you have the freedom to just draw your pattern tile the way you normally do without having to resort to boring stock templates and clip art. You can even visualize the final outcome of your pattern as you draw with the Live Preview feature.

++ Compose e-cards, backgrounds, wallpapers and what-not! ++
Want a personalized Myspace or Twitter background? Or maybe a touch of art in your email greetings? Just create a suitable TileDeck pattern and use it for whatever you want.

++ Now everybody’s a designer! ++
You don’t have to be a professional designer to create exquisite patterns anymore. TileDeck 2.0 converts a matter of aesthetics into a user-friendly application with an extremely smart algorithm. So no matter what you do on the app, the resulting pattern will always be unique and spectacular!

++ Key Features ++
Three primary art-boards (Triangle/Square/Rhombus) & 20 rules to play with
Real-time full screen pattern preview
48 predefined color schemes

Save and Print wallpapers
Compose e-Cards
Email tiles (PDF/Image)
Tweet tiles

Manage all your tiles
Bulk email seamless tiles

Toolbar preferences (left/right switch)
Email tile option (PDF/image tile-able)

Double tap to go into a fullscreen preview mode
Zoom/pinch drawing area

Keep Tiling…

Developer Website: http://www.tiledeckapp.com

TileDeck by Workmates

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Dwnld iTunes bdg V wht88x48 TileDeck by Workmates

Patterns all around us often leave us amused. There is a magical harmony when million recurring forms come together. TileDeck brings you the joy of pattern-creation by making it spontaneous and expressive. Watch your simplest creations turn into stunning pattern art – real-time!

++++ Usage ++++

+ Compose Cards +
Create and send beautiful emails from within the app with your freshly made patterns as background themes. These personalized cards add expression to any occasion – be it special day wishes, a party invite or a congratulatory note. No more conventional ready-made email templates!

+ Save as Wallpapers +

Make your own iPad wallpapers to set the mood for the day.

+ Email Tile +

You can share simple, lightweight tile-able and use it anywhere you need a welcoming feel. Additionally, TileDeck is a handy tool for design professionals as well. Now, you can create patterns for your next design project on the move.

++++ Features ++++

A customizable drawing toolbar – simple and efficient!

Real-time preview of your pattern as you draw on the surface.

Preset pattern rules to produce unexpected variations out of a single tile.

Developer Website: http://www.tiledeckapp.com/

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