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    iPhone 4’s Start Landing 2 Days Early [unboxing pics, vids]

    June 22, 2010 by Rob  
    Filed under Apple, Devices, News, Tips and How-To's, iPhone

    Despite Apple sending emails to pre-order customers warning them that they could receive their iPhone 4’s a day early (ie: the 23rd) there are reports of several people who are receiving their new iPhone 4 today – a full two days before the official launch (24th). So, to celebrate the early arrival of the iPhone 4, here’s some unboxing pics and videos that I’ve collected that have been showing up all day today:

    Source: Youtube.com, macrumors.com.

    Apple iPad Hits Stores, Unboxing Videos and Pics Unleashed

    April 3, 2010 by Rob  
    Filed under Apple, News, Tips and How-To's

    Since Steve Jobs introduced the iPad two months ago it has been the hot topic of bloggers and Apple addicts the world over. Nearly every tech blog or news agency has been writing about it, and writing about it, and… you get the picture. However, all of this news on a device that until today, has only been seen by a select few – namely those that attended the initial announcement and those close enough to Apple to have the privilege. However, today all across America, people have been getting their hands on their pre-ordered iPads or waiting in lines to buy one from their local Apple store or Best Buy. So, the following are a collection of iPad unboxing videos and photos that we put together.

    iPad Unboxing Videos:

    PCMag’s unboxing video and review:

    PCMag: Apple iPad video review from PCMag.com Reviews on Vimeo.

    CNet’s unboxing video and initial walkthrough with first impressions:

    Another iPad unboxing video, from Thursday no less! (he got one early):

    Jason O’Grady over and ZDNet has a nice collection of unboxing pics.

    Engadget has a good post dedicated to unboxing and frenzy pics.

    If you notice that AppChatter.com does not have an official unboxing video or post up. We’re making up for it by posting all of these videos from others however we don’t have one since our own Erik Blythe (AppChatter Podcast host) is holding out for the 3G model. The 3G model lands in consumers’ hands in about three more weeks.

    If you received an iPad today and happened to create a video or picture series then post your links in the comments (only one link per comment accepted before it’s snagged by anti-spam).

    iPhone 3GS Unboxing Video and Major Photo Gallery

    June 19, 2009 by Rob  
    Filed under Apple, Devices, General, News, Tips and How-To's, iPhone

    Since I live in a semi-rural area I wasn’t expecting our iPhone shipment until later today.  So when the doorbell rang at 8:30am this morning you could imaging my surprise (and delight!) that our new phone had come earlier than we were expecting.  So, without any further delay, here’s our first ever unboxing pictures and video here at AppChatter.com.

    Recent Similar Stories:

    p1070096 300x225 iPhone 3GS Unboxing Video and Major Photo GalleryWhen UPS came I asked if he had something from Apple.  He said this was all he had.  I was expecting a bigger box like the ones seen in the AT&T video.  Nope.  Here’s our iPhone 3GS Unboxing and Mega Photo Gallery.  Video is after the jump…

    Note: iPhone is a 32GB model, black (obviously).

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