Work-Life Guide: Achieving Simplicity at Work and at Home by Breathing Space Institute

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You’d think with all the labor-saving gadgets in our homes and offices, and
the increasing capability we all enjoy with sophisticated personal gadgetry,
that our lives would get easier. That hasn’t happened though, has it?
Instead of achieving simplicity, it seems that at every place we turn,
things get more complex. Achieving Simplicity at Work and at Home is an
iPhone app that contains 101 “cards” in a deck to help users systematically,
but gently achieve simplicity in every area of their lives.

The concept behind the app is simple. By focusing on one succinct message
at a time, users are naturally drawn to those activities and procedures that
will help them to un-complicate their work and their lives. The 101 cards
are offered in a distinct order, gradually revealing what a person ought to
consider and do on the path to achieving simplicity. Rather than flip
through the entire deck of 101 cards at once, a better approach is to go
through 5-8 cards a day over a span of about 2 weeks. Then, you can take
whatever action seems to be appropriate as a result of what you learned from
the cards.

Once you have read through the cards, revisit the app and proceed through
again. This time, allow yourself to visit the related ideas that are
associated with each card. In other words, if you visit card #52, rather
than going on to card #53, view the three “related tips” at the bottom of
card #52. Each card has links to three other cards scattered throughout the
deck that are related, in some way, to the advice or observation offered in
the card you’re currently viewing.

The app itself was designed to be both comforting and instructive. Users
are already facing lots of demands and responsibilities at work and at home.
The last thing they need is an app that further complicates the process of
simplifying their lives. Hence, the app is simple in its design and
construction to help users to achieve simplicity, well, simply.

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